[Can pregnant women eat kohlrabi]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat kohlrabi]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Rutabaga, also known as cabbage, is a type of vegetable.

The body is rich in vitamins and other minerals, suitable for people to eat.

For the average person, eating more vegetables can effectively supplement the internal material balance of the body.

Conducive to strong bones.

For pregnant women, eating kohlrabi is also a good choice, which can effectively improve the immunity of pregnant women, and the nutritional value of kohlrabi is relatively high, which can prevent colds and other diseases, as follows.


You can eat cabbage in confinement without any problems.

Even infants and young children can generally eat after four or five months, but pay attention to how to eat. Generally, they need to be put in vegetable puree or crushed and eaten by baking.


You can eat cabbage in confinement without any problems.
They are infants and toddlers. They can usually be eaten after four or five months, but you should pay attention to how to eat them. Generally, you need to put in vegetable puree or crush them and eat them by sintering.

Pregnant women can make cabbage, which is still good for the body.

You can also eat cabbage during confinement.

But very small babies are best not to eat these things, and supplementary food must be added gradually, otherwise it will cause indigestion.


Cabbage is low in trace amount, high in nutritional value, can improve human immunity, prevent colds, and is very suitable for pregnant women.

Cabbage is rich in potassium and folic acid, and folic acid has a good preventive effect on megaloblastic anemia and deformity.

It is also suitable for mothers and young children.


Of course, you can eat the nutrition of pregnant women is sufficient to maintain comprehensive and enough to eat some green leafy vegetables and fruits. At this time, you can supplement the various trace elements and vitamins needed in the body for the development of vitamins.

Food choices for pregnant women Try choosing organic foods for some vegetables that contain fertilizers and pesticides.

at this time.

Avoid eating.

And need to add calcium and zinc and iron at the same time to ensure the normal vitamins, development and nutrition.


Rutabaga has appetizers and digestion, which can promote stomach and intestinal digestion and increase appetite.

At the same time, it also has a clear eye and laxative effect, so pregnant women can eat their own turnip.


Expectant mothers in early pregnancy, eating some mustard is very good for your health. The leaves of mustard can be used to eat cold, and the nutrients in mustard leaves are very rich and can be relatively low, so mustard isA very healthy health vegetable. Pregnant mothers can often eat mustard during pregnancy, which can achieve good health effects.