[Hormonal food includes a certain kind]_type_classification

[Hormonal food includes a certain kind]_type_classification

In fact, our body secretes some hormones by itself, but these hormones are especially obvious during adolescence.

Everyone knows that these hormones have no effect on the body, but some foods, if they contain hormones, can easily cause an imbalance in hormone secretion in the body, which will affect the development of our secondary sexual characteristics.

So, what do hormone foods include?

The ripening fruit first refers to plant foods, which may not be rich in hormones.

However, there is a special case, that is, the fruits that are “ripe ripened”. Some fruits and vegetables that are marketed in advance are often ripened with erythropoietin, which contains a large number of hormones that can promote fruit development, growth, and early ripeness, The more typical is “Ethylene.”

At the same time hormones remain in this ripened fruit.

Therefore, when buying fruit, parents must pay attention to the season, the morning market, out-of-season, the fruit that is too red and too fresh, try not to buy.

Many parents are more worried about soybeans in plant-based foods, because many people know that soy isoflavones can regulate human endocrine, so do soybeans, soy milk and other soy products contain hormones?

Soy products such as soybeans are rich in a “phytoestrogens”, which are hormones that have biological activity similar to that of animal estrogen, but have a much weaker effect than estrogen, so their effects on the human body are also very small.

Normal consumption will not cause abnormal hormones.

Animal viscera is mainly contained in the blood, so the hormone content in meat is higher, especially in animal viscera, so animal viscera cannot be eaten too much. At the same time, many chickens and ducks are often rich in hormones.Feed causes fattening, which causes these meats to contain large amounts of hormones; and some fish are parasitic, and it has been reported that direct administration of contraceptives promotes growth.

Such foods contain more hormones than regular foods.

Therefore, when you buy chicken, duck, fish, and shrimp, you must go to the store to buy trademarked and guaranteed food.

Certain bone meals and other things in health products do have a certain effect on the growth of children, but the effect is very limited.

For better results, some businesses illegally add hormones to promote growth.

Therefore, for parents, they must not supplement their children with nutritional supplements.

If you feel that your child is short, you should carry out diagnosis and treatment under the guidance of a professional doctor. If you really need supplemental hormone therapy, you must also carry out under the guidance of a doctor;