[Chilled Ravioli]_Cold Ravioli_How to do_How to do

[Chilled Ravioli]_Cold Ravioli_How to do_How to do

Many people are not unfamiliar with me.

It has a sweet taste, and we can often eat it as fruit. In fact, it can also make a variety of delicious foods, and the nutritional value of ravioli is very high.what!

The detailed method of cold soup is Step 1.

Peel the pimple and cut into slices; 2.

Carrot peeled and cut into slices; 3.

3. Remove and wash the fungus and tear it into pieces of uniform size; 4.

4. Wash and cut the cucumber into slices, add 5 grams of salt, marinate for a while, drain the brine for later use;

5. Put the scallion pieces, carrot pieces, and fungus pieces into the boiling water pot, blanch them, drain the water with a colander, put them in cold water, and cool them until needed; 6.

Break the eggs and mix well with salt; 7.

8. Mix the eggs into a pan and fry them into quiches. Pour them out to dry and cut into small pieces for later use. 8.

9. Add sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil to the bowl and mix well to make a sauce; 9.

Then arrange the above five main ingredients in a plate, drizzle the condiments, mix well and serve.

Tips for making cold soup: 1.

After the carrots and fungus have been scalded, they should be cooled with cold water to keep them fresh and tender; 2.

Cucumbers are slightly salted, not more than 3 minutes.

Food: grams of fungus (water hair): fungus should not be eaten with field snails, from the medicinal properties of food, cold field snails, encountering smooth fungus, is not good for digestion, so it is often not appropriate to eat.

Patients with hemorrhoids should not eat the same fungus and pheasants, pheasants have small poisons, and the same food can easily induce hemorrhoid bleeding.

Fungus should not be eaten with wild ducks. Wild ducks are sweet and cold, and easy to digest.

Eggs: eat with goose meat to damage the spleen and stomach; eat with rabbit meat, persimmons cause diarrhea; at the same time should not be eaten with turtles, carps, soybean milk, tea.