Foods to avoid in patients with bronchial hypertension

Foods to avoid in patients with bronchial hypertension

The diet of asthma patients should be cold and appropriate, not too cold or too much.

When the human body digests food, in addition to stomach acid, bile and other digestive fluids, proteases, trace amounts and amylases are also required. To fully play its role in promoting digestion, various enzymes must have a suitable temperature.When the temperature is approximately the same as the temperature of the human body, various digestive enzymes function most fully.

Therefore, digestive function should be normal. First, you should pay attention to the temperature of the food you eat is about the same as your body temperature.

  Patients with hypertension, especially children and elderly patients, are weak and have weak spleen and stomach functions. Eating cold foods can cause slow peristalsis of implantation, leading to indigestion, decreased appetite, and decreased physical fitness.

  Excessive diet can cause paroxysmal cough and induce hypertension.

Exercising weightlifting carefully and not being fit

Exercising weightlifting carefully and not being fit

Probably no one will question the claim that regular exercise is good for health; however, experts warn that if the army ‘s sports are weightlifting, the amount of exercise itself does not mean good health, and manual weightlifters should also be careful not to overdo their bodybuilding feverBecomes dependent behavior.

  According to Reuters, a scholar at the University of Maine in the United States, Bruce Hale, said that some people not only practice lifting weights for six hours a day, give up work, sacrifice opportunities to spend time with their families, or even live in order to sculpt their bodies.Continue to practice when you have been seriously injured.

  Hale led a research team to study 89 British men aged 16 to 55.

Researchers divided the subjects into three groups based on the length of time they received fitness training, including two or more years, one to two years, and less than one year.

  The research report was published in the latest issue of the British Journal of Sperts Medicine.

Researchers asked each subject to take a questionnaire survey to understand their degree of dependence on weightlifting, as well as their concerns and concerns about their physical image.

  The researchers found that some subjects had a misconception of[muscular addiction], that is, they had unhealthy ideas about body shaping, and they were afraid of being regarded as weak by others.

As a result, some people have a biased idea of exchanging muscles at all costs. Not only have they received excessive weight training, they have also used supplements such as steroids, regardless of the fact that these substances can threaten health.

  Studies have found that people who have been lifting weights for more than two years care more about their social support and acceptance of their weightlifting peers than the other two groups.

Researchers believe this may be because they need an environment that can help overcome feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem.

  The study also found that people who have been sculpting for more than 2 years become more addicted to weightlifting training activities, and even need to abide by the exercise time, so as not to lose the results of their poor muscle training due to negligence; some people later becomeElevation is regarded as the most important thing in life. In order to increase the time and intensity of bodybuilding, at the expense of family, friends and work.

  Hale cautioned that these findings require further research to confirm the relationship between bodybuilding and unhealthy sports concepts.

  Hale said that the research team cannot directly assert that excessive weightlifting is a serious problem because of the lack of strict weight-lifting standards that generate inappropriate ideas. At the same time, it cannot directly correct that people who perform bodybuilding will certainly rely on weightlifting.

  He said that in the future, he hopes to study the social and psychological experience factors that cause weightlifters to rely on sports, and the impact of their dependence on weightlifting on their lives.

How to rule out your self-defense

How to rule out your self-defense

If you can eliminate all the elements of self-defense in your personality, not only will you have the best relationship between the sexes, you will also become the loveliest person in the world.

You will be irresistibly charming and attract many friends.

People gather around you, and your partner is happy and worry free.

  Let’s face it!

No one can completely exclude the self-protection component of personality, which is also part of human nature.

Everyone is more or less self-defense, because no one likes to be criticized, questioned, attacked, judged, learned or despised.

However, with a little effort, it is not difficult to pass this level.

  Just like the word “defense” means that we feel the need to protect ourselves.

  Emotionally, we coil around, hold tight, and fight against comments coming towards ourselves!

(Sometimes ideas).

This is done to protect ourselves, as we are born with a countermeasure that we can’t fight.

  Fortunately and unfortunately, this natural self-defense response does not protect us from harm, rejection, and anxiety.

The unfortunate side is that if self-defense is really effective, we will feel safe, and when we are criticized, there are ways to make ourselves not frustrated.

But if you pay attention to the feeling after self-defense, you will find that you are only more sad.

It’s like spilling salt on the wound, adding pain to the pain.

  The good news-fortunately about self-defense-this behavior doesn’t work at all, telling us that there must be other ways available.

That’s right.

  The act of self-defense is acceptance and tolerance.

Self defense is a clenched fist that becomes very stubborn, while acceptance is a relaxed fist that becomes cheerful and feels keen.

As you work hard to accept and tolerate, you are accepting life in a calmer mood, including criticism, opposition to you, and so on.

  Acceptance and tolerance do not have to be embarrassing or indifferent, nor do you want to change your beliefs.

On the contrary, acceptance just makes the mind more open and willing to accept what others say.

You will no longer overreact and you will become a better listener.

  —At the beginning, you may have a strange feeling, it seems difficult to face the world with acceptance.

Implementing this strategy requires a little conviction-willingness to try a more gentle approach.

This is a wonderful experience, and it gets easier and easier to do.

-Once you see how comfortable your life and the relationship between the sexes become, you will enjoy it and will not want to fight back.

  As long as you go in this direction, you will choose to participate in the war more wisely.

If there is something that is really important and worthy of defense, you will of course go all out, but for some small things, your attitude will be a little different.

If you are reprimanded or criticized, you can still calm down and clearly judge whether the other person’s comments make sense.

You can learn something from it or be smart enough to let it pass.

In any case, these things will not interfere with you as before.

  There are many benefits to stopping self-defense.

Your mood has changed and your partner is more willing to be with you.

In addition, your learning ability increases, and you no longer use anger, fear, or retreat to criticize or suggest other people, but instead are interested in their opinions.

You will have more heart-to-heart conversations, potential conflicts.

  Why not try it?

What you lose is just a habit that will interfere with you.

Psychological test: bathroom shows how lustful you are

Psychological test: bathroom shows how lustful you are

● I want to update the old bathroom, but I can only change one place because of insufficient budget. At this time, where do you want to change?


Window B with a beautiful view.

Large bathtub C for easy bathing.

Replace with shiny tile D.

Water heater that will be hot soon ● Analysis of answer A: Good color 80%, very good color.

Why do you say that?

You pay attention to your senses, and you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery while bathing.

The same is true for the opposite sex. You care about the other person’s looks and body, and you have high levels of lust.

  Choice B: 50% good chroma, concealed.

You like the practical and practical feeling. The large bathtub makes you feel that it is convenient to take a bath. It is a person who cares more about actual material.

There are a few stingy pursuits that you haven’t developed yet.

  Choice C: Good chroma 20%, not interested.

You are really a super housekeeper type. A little money will control it to the place where it can produce the most value. You are basically not interested in lecherous. You think it is good to look at handsome guys.Wasting.

  Select D: 100% chroma, super boring lascivious!

You really like to enjoy, even if you take a bath, you must be comfortable.

From this point of view, you are very sensitive to all aspects of the opposite sex. When a characteristic opposite sex appears, you can immediately hook your heart.

Sexy chocolate skin temptations this summer

Sexy chocolate skin temptations this summer

Pursuing a fair race can be said to be the beautiful dream of Asian women.

However, the trend of the wind seems to blow the beauty of the race away from the whitening circle, and forget about it, the world is blowing a black wind.

Although this trend has been blowing for several years, there is no tendency to decline.

MMs who adore individuality want to seduce everyone’s eyes with sexy chocolate skin!

  In the early summer of 2009, the beauty plan came to embrace the sea again!

Sunlight, beaches, bikinis . beautiful white beaches with no vitality are unattractive on beautiful beaches, and honey muscles are the sexiest!

Come and learn the simplest and most effective tanning tips!

  The two major skin-tanning methods on the beach are both beautiful and eye-catching, and they are “honey-colored that looks kissed by the sun”.

Nowadays, the two mainstream tanning methods-the tanning method and the tanning method, can easily help you get it.

  The imitating method avoids unnecessary absorption of sunlight. The imitating “imitating sun” as the name implies is “imitating the effect after sun exposure”. It can darken the dark without risking sunburn.People who are afraid of the sun.

The DHA component in the “tanning” product is a sugar existing in the skin of chestnuts, which can darken the color of the surface layer of the skin.

The residence time on the skin is about 3?
During the 7 days, swimming or bathing in the water is no problem.

  Recommended reasons: 1.

First-class makeup is just as convenient: People who do n’t spend a lot of time in the sun or who are afraid of the sun, apply it all over the body, and the skin will gradually become dark due to the absorption of the DHA content.


People who want to try tanning for a short time: The skin dyed by the suntan is only the most superficial layer, and the keratinocytes will transform the cell’s growth cycle and automatically metabolize, so the suntan stays on the skin 3?
It will gradually disappear after 7 days.

  Disadvantages: 1.

Need to reapply frequently: The sunbathing product will transfer the metabolism of keratinocytes and replace it, and the effect will continue to improve. If you want to have the honey content all the time, I’m afraid you can only apply it regularly.


Uneven skin tone is likely to occur when fading: When the color of the tanner is faded, uneven skin tone may appear.

Once this happens, you can overcome the problem of towels, loofah sponges, and soft scrubs to cleanse the skin and accelerate the fade of color.

  The sun-assisting method absorbs sunlight for long-lasting tanning products. To a certain extent, it can be regarded as a “low coefficient sunscreen”, which is mainly completed by adhering to the concept of “hope to tan, but not sunburn.”

Slight sunscreen ingredients can delay the time of sunburn and peeling during outdoor activities, and accelerate skin melanin activation to achieve the goal of honey-colored skin.

  Recommended reasons: 1.

Easily control the depth of skin tone: Because suntanning products require more sunlight to achieve tanning, you can control the speed of darkening by adjusting the length of sun exposure until you have a satisfactory skin tone.


Suitable for people who want to have honey-colored skin for a long time: the power of suntan products to replace the sun will blacken the skin, so after stopping, it will last longer than the suntan products.

  Disadvantages: 1.

There is a risk of burns: Sunburn products are usually recommended for use when shopping or during leisure activities. It is not recommended to sunbathe directly in the sun after rubbing, which can easily lead to sunburn and peeling.


Accelerate skin aging: Sun-tanning products are a substitute for sunburn to darken the skin, and sun-tanning is one of the culprits causing skin aging problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles, and so choosing sun-tanning products means accelerated skin aging.

  Preparing for tanning before, after, and after tanning: Preparing exfoliating and then moisturizing. Use tanning products to get the best results. Change to use after exfoliating the skin. This is because the skin’s old keratin, dandruff andDirt residues can interfere with the action of DHA, the main component of tanning, making skin tone uneven.

The application of moisturizing milk makes subsequent follow-up products easier to spread and evenly spread.

  Preliminary application: The more uniform and more natural the absorption of the suntan products, apply a large amount, quickly and evenly in a circular motion to the face and body until the lotion is completely absorbed.

What’s more, it should be used in the hairline, insets, around the ankles, elbows, etc. to reduce the amount of natural light.

Wash hands immediately after application and avoid touching clothing before the lotion is completely dry.
  Post-improvement: After regular re-coating to keep the grains coated with the suntan, wait about 2?
3 hours to achieve the effect of honey complexion.

If you want black people to be a bit deeper, you can repeat the application again.
Use it approximately every two days thereafter to maintain the desired brightness.

  Preparing to help with the sun: Before using Vitamin C to exfoliate, you must also perform exfoliation exercises, so as to speed up tanning.

It is best to use an exfoliating product containing vitamin C to make the skin smoother, and the texture and touch will be better after sun exposure.

  Medium absorption: Progressive effect is good. For people who have not used sun aids and must go outdoors, it is best to choose to include SPF2 in the beginning?
8 sunscreen, or apply a thin layer of SPF2 first?
8 sunscreen primer to prevent skin sunburn.

For general outdoor activities, it will have a light wheaten effect after about 4 hours of exposure. Do not expose it for too long in order to darken immediately, for 2 consecutive days?
The 3-hour gradual sun-assisted effect is the most natural and lasting.

If it is in the outdoor swimming pool, it is best to splash the body at any time after applying the sunscreen. The effect of wet sun is much better than dry sun, and the skin tone is more beautiful.

  Late perfection: After the sedative repair can’t be done less, you can take a 10-minute rest to let the sunscreen penetrate into the skin, and then take a shower with water that is slightly cooler for about 3 minutes.

If you have redness and tingling symptoms after sun exposure, be sure to perform sedative repairs after sun exposure, and use aloe vera gel to relieve tingling sensations.

The best job is to help the sun every other day to let the skin fully rest and the best effect.

  Beware of the five tanning areas a. The skin and hair on the back of the neck are most likely to be sunburned. The covering of the collar is not often exposed, but it becomes very fragile over time, so it is easy to sunburn when exposed to the sun.

Therefore, before assisting in the sun, it is best to absorb products with higher sun protection factor.

  c The outer side of the upper arm is the easiest to peel. The outer side of the upper arm is the most dehydrated part of the body’s skin. It will dry and peel before other parts.Make the overall tanning effect more perfect.

  b When the back is most susceptible to uneven tanning, the adjacent areas may be unevenly spread due to the improper application of the tanning products or tanning products, so it is best to ask others when wearing replica tanning products or tanning products in frontHelp out.
  d Bikini line is the most prone to unnatural skin. Bikini line is one of the most prone and dull parts of the body. It is difficult to control the tanning effect.

Hair removal should be done with nylon thread 3 days in advance, so that during hair tanning, the hair follicle damage caused by hair removal is basically repaired, and the skin tanning effect will not be affected due to skin sensitivity.

  e The elbow is the easiest to lose elbow points, alignment, feet and other small parts are the most inconspicuous, but it has a great impact on the overall tanning effect.

These areas are dry and have minimal wrinkles. Before tanning, the amount of moisturizing emulsion will be further increased to avoid uneven skin.

  Tip: The world’s most famous sunbathing beach TOP1 Clifton Beach Clifton Beach is a gem on the Atlantic coast of the southern hemisphere. Every summer, it can survive the typhoon from the southeast.

The unique sunshine of the African continent shines brightly on the bright sandy beaches, and there are lying or tanning nudes lying everywhere.

  TOP2 Pop Beach A pop beach in the south of Kauai, one of Hawaii’s four main islands, is a crescent-shaped beach with beautifully shaped sea water. It is a paradise for swimming, snorkeling and surfing lovers.

If you don’t want to move, lie in the towel spreading out to bask in the sun, you can also notice heaven.

  TOP3 Matila Beach Matila Beach is located on the island of Bona Bona, and there are plenty of activities for adventure lovers, such as feeding sharks in the deep water of the lagoon.

And the most enjoyable thing is to sit on the gentle white sand, accept the kiss of the sun, and watch the burning fireball sink into the emerald water.

Newlywed Health Handbook

Newlywed Health Handbook

The wedding honeymoon is a special period of life. Young men and women in love walk into the marriage hall together to taste the sweetness and joy of the wedding. At this happy moment, we must not forget the health care of the wedding.

It is necessary to learn more about physical hygiene, enhance self-care awareness and ability, develop good hygiene habits, and make the married life more harmonious and happy. Newlyweds should do well in mental and physical aspects.

  Maintain a good attitude to avoid mental illness and eliminate tension before marriage.

Busy planning of marriage before marriage makes both men and women tired physically and mentally.

When the two sides agree, it is still easy to quarrel, feel the beauty in love, feel that the other person has become personal, and some people even have doubts about their previous marriage life.

At this time, both men and women should understand each other, trust each other, have something to say, and discuss things slowly.

  The wedding night is also a test for men and women.

Some people value women’s hymens. If they find that the women’s hymen has broken, they think that the women have had a sexual life, leaving a psychological shadow, which affects the previous sexual relations and even marriage life.

When the phenomenon occurred, Director Fang said that according to the regulations, the doctor did not describe the hymen during the marriage check.

Some girls are born with a tough or thick hymen, while others don’t have a hymen, while others are damaged during exercise and cause the hymen to rupture.

  Both men and women should understand some physiological anatomy knowledge and treat the hymen problem correctly.

  Some men value the success of the first night, and some men feel that the sexual pleasure in sexual life is different from their imagination.

If the first night fails, it will affect future sexual life and even cause sexual dysfunction.

And women’s psychological state is more complicated, in tension, fear, shyness, often passive.

Men should restrain themselves, caress and comfort women, and help women eliminate timidity.

If men only care about meeting their own physical needs, while ignoring women’s psychological needs, they often cause women’s disgust and fear of sex.

Director Fang believes that sex life is a matter for both husband and wife and should cooperate with each other.

The woman should not be completely passive, eliminate tension, keep muscles relaxed, brake to relieve and avoid pain and discomfort caused by hymen damage.

  pay attention to physical health to prevent disease   develop good health habits.

Both men and women should be cleaned regularly, especially before and after the same room.

Women should change their underwear regularly, and some women think that they have worn pads instead of changing them frequently. This is wrong, and doctors do not recommend wearing pads, which will cause local temperature and humidity to increase, but will easily breed bacteria.

Use warm water when washing. Various lotions will destroy women’s physiological environment, instead of advocating, let alone soap.

Frequent washing with soap or alkaline medicine changes the acidic environment in which the vulva has a self-purifying effect, but it is easy for bacteria to invade and cause urinary tract infections.

Women should develop the habit of urinating after each sex, flush out the bacteria from the urethra, and reduce the incidence of honeymoon disease.

It is important to point out that intercourse cannot be performed during menstruation to avoid excessive menstrual bleeding or pelvic inflammatory disease after pelvic congestion.

  Men should pay more attention to personal hygiene.

If men’s foreskin is too long or phimosis, it will affect the normal life of couples, especially men’s foreskin is a place where dirt and dirt are hidden. For example, if bacteria are not cleaned to remove bacteria, it will bring to women, causing urethritis, vaginitis, cystitis and other diseases.

Foreskin constantly accumulates secretions and accumulates into foreskin scales, which can lead to penile inflammation. Penis can cause penile cancer due to long-term stimulation of foreskin scales. Foreskin scales can cause female reproductive tract damage.

In addition, severe varicocele in men can cause local congestion, increase the temperature in the scrotum, and affect spermatogenesis. It is one of the causes of male infertility, but it will not affect fertility after surgical treatment.

  bride beware of “honeymoon disease” many newcomers will enter the wedding hall.

It is understood that during the honeymoon period, some brides suddenly increase the number of sudden urination, dysuria, urgency, accompanied by chills and fever, low back pain, body weakness, lower abdomen and other symptoms.

Red blood cells and pus cells can be found during urine tests.

This is what people often call “honeymoon disease”.

  According to a gynecologist, there are two important ways to produce “honeymoon disease”.

One is that during the honeymoon of the newlyweds, the newlyweds were busy planning marriages, eating irregularly, and seeking nutritional donors, which led to a decline in immunity.

Secondly, the newly-married couple lacked the necessary understanding of the knowledge of the reproductive organs and the necessary cleaning measures. Coupled with too frequent sexual life, bacteria invaded the urethra and caused infectious diseases.

  Gynecologists remind that prevention of “honeymoon disease” is important.

The first thing to emphasize is sexual health care.The husband and wife should wash the vulva every night before going to bed, especially before sex, the man should clean the genitals, otherwise it will bring bacteria into the woman’s urethral opening, increasing the chance of urinary tract infections.

First, drink plenty of sugar-free water and urinate frequently.

From the perspective of anatomy and physiology, women’s urethra is short and close to the anus, which is very conducive to the breeding of bacteria. In order to avoid bacterial infection and infection of the urethra, the urethra must be flushed clean.

The third is to have a moderate sex life.

Newly-married couples have strong sexual desires, and they should be moderated during the “honeymoon”.

At the same time, “red lights” must be banned, that is, during the honeymoon of the newlyweds during the menstrual period, do not share the same room.

Because the cervix of the menstrual women is in an open state, sexual life at this time can easily cause urinary tract infections and even cause other complications.

  The gynecologist pointed out that “honeymoon disease” is a severe disease that newly-married women are susceptible to. They feel tingling during urination, accompanied by symptoms of frequent urination and urgency.Pain, very pain.

If these symptoms cannot be eliminated, the infection will spread rapidly, and fever, chills, endless urination, lower abdominal pain, back pain, hematuria, pyuria, etc.

The doctor reminded that once the new people suffer from “honeymoon disease”, they should go to the hospital in time to relieve the pain as soon as possible.

  groom should add more nutrition During the honeymoon during the wedding, men consume less physical energy and need to add more nutrition than their wives.

Therefore, attention should be paid to the nutritional supplement and deployment in daily supplements: 1.

Get enough protein.

  Under the supplement of total accumulation potential, high-quality protein should be added in daily supplements.

Eat more lean meat, fish and shrimp, poultry eggs and soy products to help men synthesize semen.


Vitamin supplements should be balanced.
  Vitamin A, B, C, E and other absorption should be balanced, especially vitamin E can regulate sexual function, and has the effect of increasing semen vitality, should pay attention to supplement.


Mineral food is essential.
  During the honeymoon, you can eat some kelp, seaweed, fungus and bone soup at the same time in combination with other foods. The calcium supplement should not be less than 700 mg daily, otherwise low back pain, hand and foot twitching will occur after some intercourse.

  When possible, it is best to eat some foods such as tofu, soy milk, shrimp skin, hemp sauce, etc. Iron deficiency can cause fatigue, weakness, asthma and pale after intercourse.

In addition, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, chromium, selenium and other trace elements are substances composed of semen, which have special effects on stimulating sperm vitality. These components are absorbed in animals and green leafy vegetables.

Precipitation conditioning for children’s abnormal behavior

Precipitation conditioning for children’s abnormal behavior

Today, the living conditions of only-child families are very good.

Many young parents are enthusiastic about buying a variety of snacks for their children, such as high-conversion, high-sugar foods such as chocolate, and when eating dinner, children often picky eaters, partial food, resulting in nutritional imbalance.

According to surveys by child nutrition experts, adolescents and children are generally anaemic and zinc deficient, either excess or wasting.

  More serious is the emergence of some psychological or behavioral abnormalities or disorders due to nutrient imbalances.

It is believed that some studies at home and abroad have confirmed that certain behaviors of children are abnormal and related to the nutrient structure of alternative foods: the lack or excessiveness of certain nutrients can cause some bad behaviors.

These abnormal behaviors can be corrected through dietary adjustments.

  Here are some common nutrient imbalance behaviors and prescriptions to correct these abnormal behaviors.

Iron deficiency For children with diminished attention, diminished memory, often dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, and “hetero-addiction” (favorite soil, gravel, paper scraps, hair, nails, etc.), consideration should be given to iron deficiency in the body.

There is no doubt that iron deficiency can lead to anemia.

  It is reported that the incidence of iron deficiency anemia in children can reach 30%?
50%, while the incidence of iron deficiency is higher.

For these iron-deficient children, we should focus on supplementing iron-rich foods.

Such as animal blood, internal organs (liver and kidney), egg yolk, sesame, soybean, fungus, seaweed, kelp, etc.

Vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron, so vegetables and fruits supplemented with vitamin C should also be eaten often.

  Zinc deficiency Children with reduced taste, anorexia, malaise, poor scotopic adaptability, retarded growth and development, low immunity, and cold-prone children may indicate a lack of zinc in the body.

According to a survey by the Institute of Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and other units on the zinc deficiency status of preschool children in Beijing, 55.

4% of children are below the lower limit of normal values, showing that zinc deficiency has been replaced.

  The expected prescription for zinc-deficient children is to increase the amount of animal food substitutes.

Animal foods have high zinc content, high absorption rate, and high bioefficiency, such as animal liver, fish, lean meat, eggs, and zinc in milk are easily absorbed.

Plant foods are rich in zinc in buckwheat, wheat, corn, peanuts, walnut kernels, sesame, chestnut, fresh yeast, mushrooms, and coarse rice.

  Calcium deficiency irritable temperament, emotional instability, night molars, easy to panic, and even children with cramps in the feet may be related to calcium deficiency, so eat more calcium-containing foods.

Calcium must be combined with phosphorus in the body to give full play to it, so eat foods rich in phosphorus at the same time.

The food options are: shellfish, shrimp skin, shrimp, crab, fish, milk, soy, peanut, chestnut, spinach, potato and more.

  Vitamin D deficiency is prone to irritability, irritability, sweating, night crying, night terrors, and is often a signal of vitamin D deficiency in the body. It is common in older infants and young children.

It is necessary to add egg yolk, pork liver, minced meat and other complementary foods in time, and cod liver oil (containing vitamin D and A).

  At the same time, more exposure to outdoor sunlight is beneficial for the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, which can alleviate adverse symptoms.

Vitamin D-deficient children often lack calcium at the same time, so calcium-rich foods should be added at the same time.

  Vitamin C deficiency Children who are deficient in vitamin C often show lonely personality, emotional depression, indifferent expression, unresponsiveness, and paresthesia.

Adding vitamin C to your diet is the best way to treat it.

Tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, oranges and apples should be good choices for vitamin C supplementation.

  Because the methyl salicylate and vitamin C contained in these foods can enhance the transmission of neural information, so that the above symptoms are alleviated or eliminated.

Vitamin B deficiency children have chronic fatigue, irritability, worry, forgetfulness, and horror. After excluding other disease factors, vitamin B deficiency must be considered.

  It is necessary to supplement soy, coarse rice, yeast, egg yolk, animal liver, milk, walnut kernel and sesame in time.

Because these foods consume lecithin and vitamins B1, B2, and B6, they can regulate their neural functions, and lecithin releases acetylcholine in the body, which can help improve children’s sense and memory, and make children smarter and livelier.

  Children who eat too much sugar and eat sweets often have moody moods, agitation, crying, willfulness, big temper, and obesity. They are known in the medical profession as “glycemic irritability disorder”, which is very harmful and may even causeCauses psychological abnormalities.

Recently, an American scholar found that the occurrence of myopia in children is also related to excessive sugar.

To limit the intake of sugar for such children, improve the bad habits of greedy sweets, foods with large sugar content should be controlled.

  Too much salt is slow, lazy, sleepy, and unwilling to move. Children may be caused by excessive salt, which results in the accumulation of sodium (potassium) salt in the body.
Such children should take care to avoid eating salty foods such as preserved foods.
Developing a light diet habit from an early age can also reduce the incidence of hypertension in adulthood.

  The above three kinds of behavioral abnormalities are caused by dietary bias, so they can be corrected by adjusting the diet structure.

However, it is not easy to correct children’s partial eclipse habits, and parents should make a fuss about how to prevent children’s partial eclipse.

Reducing snacks and some “nutrition” in advance, regular meals are a good way to correct your child’s partial eating.

8 prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine are good at treating athlete’s foot for a long time

8 prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine are good at treating athlete’s foot for a long time

Summer is hot, and many people still wear thicker shoes, which will be eroded by athlete’s foot over time.

Although athlete’s foot is not a serious illness, it is difficult to become.

If you are still injured by athlete’s foot, try the following 8 traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions: Fang 1: In the summer, athlete’s foot is made, and the affected foot can be washed and dried, and then the affected area is coated with wind oil essence once or twice a dayIt is usually effective several times.

  Party 2: Wash your feet with eggplant root and salt-boiled water to cure your athlete’s foot.

  Party 3: Hypertension on athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot, continuous rubbing with raw garlic to recover.

  Party 4: Green tea contains inorganic acids, which have antibacterial effect, especially for treating Hong Kong feet.

  Fang 5: Having beriberi for many years, you can use toothpaste to paint it, the effect is very effective.

  Party 6: Make vinegar paste into paste and apply it to the affected area.

Use as you go, lighter 1 time, heavy 2 to 3 times can be cured.

  Party 7: Take the cigarette ash and remove it from the wet toes of the toes, which can cure itchy blisters and ulcers.

  Fang 8: Take 1000 grams of Maifan Stone, add 2,000 grams of boiling water and soak it. Use this water to scrub feet, acne, eczema, rash and other diseases every day.

Cultivate your baby’s strong psychological qualities

Cultivate your baby’s strong psychological qualities

Emotional intelligence refers to non-intellectual factors, which is the psychological quality that people often say.

If a person is lonely, weird, and difficult to cooperate; inferiority, fragility, can not face frustration; irritability, arrogance, emotional fluctuations, etc., these are all manifestations of insufficient emotional intelligence, even if his intelligence is high, it is difficult to improveAchievement, so emotional intelligence is the key to one’s success.

Although EQ has some congenital genetic factors, it is more important that it develops the day after tomorrow.

So how to cultivate your child’s emotional intelligence from a young age?

  First, there is a story about educating children to learn survivability. It is about a group of children on the cliffs in the mountains who lost their way and spent a terrible night in the distance. They cried hopelessly, “Someone will never find us anymore.Said a child, crying in despair, “We will die here.

“However, 11-year-old Yvre stepped forward.” I don’t want to die! ”

“She is firm,” my dad said. As long as the stream is going, the stream will take us to a stream of the route, and eventually you will meet a small town.

I’m going to transform the stream and you can follow me.

“As a result, they were successfully out of the forest under the introduction of Evry.

Maybe some people think that girls like Yvre are born with talents, in fact, talents are not born, thanks to the education of his father.

At present, western countries, including Japan in East Asia, attach great importance to children’s survival education. Since the children are sensible, they have taught them how to learn to survive and become independent. They have fallen to their own feet, learned to eat, organize their own things, and know what circumstancesHow to protect yourself, etc.

  Second, cultivate endurance and self-control. Psychologists have done such an experiment. The kindergarten teacher gave each child a piece of sugar and told them: “Eat now, just give one piece. If you can endure it for an hour, you can eat it.One more reward.

“The results of subsequent follow-up surveys show that the success rate of those who can tolerate is much higher than the children who cannot tolerate.

This is called the delayed effect, or delayed satisfaction in psychology.

Many children have troubles, lack of will and patience, and have little success in their careers when they grow up.

So how to cultivate children’s endurance?

For example, when a young child is anxious to drink milk, don’t satisfy him immediately, make him cry for a while, and slowly talk to him, pat his back, and then feed him, the patience time gradually increases, from a few seconds to a fewMinutes; for children who spend their pocket money quickly every time, parents can say: “If you can hold back pocket money for a week, you can double it next week, you can save up and buy the big things you needAlready.

“If the child encounters difficulties, the parents should not help him immediately, or encourage him to persevere, and endure the unhappiness brought by the setbacks, and he will succeed soon.

  Third, more contact with the society, some parents who have seen the world rarely let their children go out, worrying about this.

When a child sees a baby, he cries and hides. He grows sensitive and shrinks when he grows up.

Some children are selfish and lack a sense of solidarity, so there are very few friends. When they grow up, they will also be affected by the tension of interpersonal relationships, which will affect their ability.

Therefore, when the child is understanding, let him adapt to the new environment, encourage the timid child to contact more people, or take the initiative to stand up and answer the questions raised by the teacher. This process is also called desensitization.

Without giving the child a chance, his adaptive ability will not sprout naturally.

  Fourth, cultivate curiosity and exploration spirit, but the child is passively accepting external stimuli, and gradually curious about everything around them, they want to try to feel, see, and even disassemble the toys into pieces. This is oneThis expression of curiosity is also an important way to acquire knowledge and skills.

If a parent doesn’t let his child move, not only will he lose his chance to learn, but he will also be killed. If you want to get him interested in doing something in the future, he won’t bother to move.

The correct method should be that the parents explain patiently to the children and adolescents, or run him together to play.

  Fifth, let the child use more brains. A boy ca n’t climb the first step of the slide because of his short legs. He begged his mother to hold him (to be continued), and his mother told him: “You have a solution.
The little boy thought for a moment: “Drag my trolley there and stand up.

“Good, go, boy.

“Mother said.

The little boy started, and everything became easy.

There are certain things in life. As long as we pay attention to them, we will always come up with many solutions to problems, so we must cultivate the habit of thinking hard.

  6. Cultivate self-confidence and ability to face frustration A 12-year-old child who is very promising in gymnastics came to see the head coach. The head coach did not immediately let her perform gymnastics, but gave her 4 darts and asked her to project to the office.Opposite the target.

The little girl was timid and moral: “What if you miss it?

“The coach told her:” You should think of success, not failure.

“The little girl practiced repeatedly and finally succeeded.

Therefore, in life, you should tell your children that when you do anything, you must first think of success, not failure, and people who believe in their success can succeed.

  Seventh, protect the child’s self-esteem. It is inevitable for a child to do something wrong or something bad. Don’t always count on the child: “Why are you so disobedient!”This one can’t move, that one can’t move.”

This will hurt the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Don’t be afraid that the child’s mischief will give you trouble, but think about what is good for the child’s psychological growth, because the mental health of young children mainly means that their reasonable needs and desires are met.

A good psychological state caused by emotional and social aspects.

Parents should also refrain from simple and rude methods of education.

If you really do n’t want your child to play with something, you should divert your child ‘s interest in a distracting way.

  8. Encouraging and supporting children’s growth is not easy. There are successes and failures, and even unrealistic illusions.

In the face of difficulties and frustrations, encouragement and support are even more important. Never throw cold water.

Although their dreams are so strange to you, you should be pleased that they have constant fantasy power, which is the mentor of creation.

  Nine, cultivate children to respect others, unite the sense of friendship and cooperation. Society is a crowd. Anything cannot be achieved by one person alone. It is necessary to have the power of the masses. This requires us to learn to deal with different people.Can learn from each other.

Parents must cultivate their children’s awareness of cooperation with others, train their children’s cooperative behavior, and increase their children’s ability to cooperate.

This must first learn to respect others and be good at uniting and disagreeing with others.

  A good psychological quality manifests as follows: young children are satisfied with themselves, their emotions are lively and happy, they can adapt to the surrounding environment, their interpersonal relationships are friendly and harmonious, and their personal intelligence is fully exerted and exerted.

Dear parents, do your children possess these qualities?

Medicinal diet for children with hot sputum and bad breath

Medicinal diet for children with hot sputum and bad breath

Accompanied by hot sputum bad breath: coughing yellow sputum, hoarse voice, sore throat, thirst, yellow urine, dry stool, shortness of breath, diet, medicinal diet, Luo Han Guo porridge. Efficacy: clearing heat and reducing phlegm, reducing fire and deodorant. Raw materials: Fresh sedge leaves 30g15 grams), 1 Luo Han Guo, 30 grams of rice in the past, a small amount of sugar: chopped loquat leaves into gauze and wrapped, Luo Han Guo chopped with the introduction of rice into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook into gruel, and thenAdd rock sugar to taste.

  Usage: eat porridge sooner or later.

  The effect of Houttuynia stewed Sydney: Qingfeizhike, clearing phlegm and heat: Raw materials: 100 grams of Houttuynia cordata, 200 grams of Sydney, a small amount of rock sugar Method: Wash and core the Sydney, cut into small pieces for later use.

Wash and cut the Houttuynia cordata into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for another 30 minutes with a simmering fire.

Filter the cooked Houttuynia cordata water to remove the residue, then add it to the casserole, add Sydney, rock sugar, and simmer until the pear pieces are soft and rotten.

  Usage: Eat pears, drink soup, morning and evening.

  TIPS: Hot sputum bad breath is mostly caused by inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection, and the remaining heat is not eliminated.

Remind mom and dad: Be sure to take your child to the doctor in time, take medication according to the course of treatment, in order to fully recover from the disease.

In addition, children with hot sputum should not eat rice crackers, potato chips, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, popcorn and other snacks during the festival, and should not eat litchi, orange, longan, pineapple and other hot fruits.