Blood congee

Blood congee

Patients with anemia who are weak, have poor appetite, and have poor digestive function can eat the following medicinal porridge, briefly described as follows: Jujube porridge: After washing the rice, add a few clean red dates, add water appropriately, and cook until thick.edible.

  Jujube and Sheep Bone Congee: 1-2 bones of sheep’s foreleg (smashed), 20 jujubes, 50-100 grams of glutinous rice, boiled with low heat, seasoned with salt, eaten in portions, suitable for aplastic anemia, Thrombocytopenic purpura.

  Ejiao porridge: Wash the glutinous rice, cook it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of Ejiao, and after melting, add brown sugar and serve immediately.

  Spinach porridge: 150 grams of fresh spinach with root, cut it after washing, add casserole and add 800 ml of water to 100 grams of rice, cook until thick, ready to eat, suitable for iron deficiency anemia.

  Longan meat lotus seed porridge: 5 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of lotus seed meat, 100 grams of rice, the same as cooking porridge.

Green Viagra Qiaozhi Impotence Premature Ejaculation Porridge

Green “Viagra” Qiaozhi Impotence Premature Ejaculation Porridge

Longan meat porridge[Main ingredients]15 grams of longan meat, 15 grams of red dates, 100 grams of japonica rice.
[Production]Put japonica rice, longan meat, and red dates into clear water, boil over high heat and simmer for 30 minutes, and the rice should be cooked and rotten, and add an appropriate amount of sugar.
Take hot clothes once a day in the morning and evening.
[Function]Strengthen the spleen and heart, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves.
Treatment of deficiency of heart and spleen, impotence, premature ejaculation, pale lip nails, palpitations, insomnia and forgetfulness, diarrhea due to eating less, fatigue, and lower limb edema
Raspberry wine[main ingredients]100 grams of berry, 500 grams of rice wine.
[Production]Wash, dry, pit the fruit, grind, put into the bottle, add rice wine, and seal the bottle mouth.
Shake once a day and soak for more than 7 days.
15 ml each morning and evening.
[Function]Strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi, nourishing the heart and nourishing blood.
Governance deficiency of heart, spleen, qi and blood, impotence, kidney fatigue, forgetfulness and insomnia.
Amber Walnut[Main Ingredients]300 grams of walnut meat and 150 grams of sugar.
[Production]Put the walnut meat into boiling water, add a small amount of refined salt and soak it for 10 minutes, remove the walnut skin, wash, and drain.
Put a small amount of water and sugar in the pot, boil until the sugar juice is thick, stir in the walnut meat, and make the sugar juice wrapped in the walnut meat.
Change the pot to heat the sesame oil, put the walnut meat covered with sugar juice, and fry it with golden brown, remove it, drain the oil, and let it cool before eating.
[Function]Bushen Gujing, warming lungs and asthma.
Treatment of chronic diseases or elderly lung and kidney yang deficiency, weak qi, impotence, nocturnal emission, frequent urination, weak back, weak feet, cough and asthma.
Can also be used for constipation caused by old age or physical weakness.

A certain state of workplace psychology can be mistaken for disease

A certain state of workplace psychology can be mistaken for disease

Guide: People in the workplace often have some psychological problems.

Some people think they have a mental illness.

In fact, experts believe that the following six psychological problems do not need to be worried at all, nor need they be nervous enough to put on the hat of mental illness.

Will a certain state of workplace psychology be mistaken for a disease?

  ”I think too many things, every day in my head is a mess.

“In fact, thinking too much is the normal thing. You can always ask yourself,” Is this really important?

Do I need that much energy?

“This exercise will gradually wake you up.

  ”I’m worried that others have opinions about me.

“And experts say it’s a good thing to evaluate and watch what others think of you, but you don’t have to pay too much for this.

  ”I’m easily upset and emotional like a roller coaster.

“However, this does not mean that you should focus on inattention, you may just need to rest.

  ”I always have insomnia, thinking about the next day.

“In fact, most people have insomnia from time to time.

Before you go to bed, take the time to make a plan for tomorrow so you don’t have to think in bed.

  ”When I have a headache, I can be sure that there is something wrong with my body.

“At this time, pay attention to your physical feelings.

This is normal, there is no need to rush to the emergency room with a little pain.

  ”I’m extremely lacking in self-confidence and I’m having a very stressful day.

“Work and life sometimes make it difficult for us to cope, we must be worried.

Maybe you are a good person, but just need a little self-confidence.

Give yourself confidence and build confidence, just focus on doing everything you need.

Six diet therapies for insomnia

Six diet therapies for insomnia

Modern people’s lives and work are relatively stressful, which can easily cause insomnia.

The following food treatments can help patients suffering from insomnia with complications of insomnia.

  Effects of Lotus Seed Lily Lean Broth: Yiqi Zhongzhong, Tonic Deficiency, Heart and Kidney, Soothe the nerves, Nourishment, Qingxin, Ningshen

  Indications: Neurasthenia, palpitation, insomnia, weakness after illness, etc.

  Food function: lotus seed sweetness, astringent, flat, human heart, spleen, kidney meridian, functional Yangxin, Yishen, spleen, astringent bowel; lily flavor sweet, slightly bitter, flat, human heart, lung meridian, with lungsRelieves cough, nourishes yin and clears heat, clears heart and soothes, moderates Qi.

  Ingredients and usage: 50 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of lilies, 250 grams of lean pork, cut into pieces, add soup, season with salt.

  Boziren stewed pig heart effect: nourish the heart, soothe the nerves, nourish blood, and intestine.

Indications: palpitations, palpitations, insomnia, dry bowel and constipation.

  Food function: Bai Ziren sweetness, Xin, Ping, function calms and calms the heart, laxative, laxative, antiperspirant; pig heart sweetness, salty, flat, human heart classics, function to nourish blood and nourish the heart.

  Ingredients and usage: Each time you can use Baizirenke, pig heart, put Baiziren in pig heart, add water to cook and serve.

  Effect of glutinous rice and lily porridge: Buzhong Yiqi, spleen and stomach.

Indications: Upset, insomnia, pain under the heart, etc.

  Food function: glutinous rice has sweet taste, warm stomach, lung meridian, function to replenish qi, warm the spleen and stomach;

  Serving size and usage: 50-60 grams of lily each time, appropriate amount of glutinous rice and brown sugar, add water to make porridge, once a day, even for 7 days.

  Salted duck egg oyster soup porridge effect: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, lowering fire and calming heart.

  Indications: Rising fire, toothache, sore throat, neurasthenia, insomnia, etc.

  Food function: Duck and egg taste sweet and cool, heart, lung, spleen, function nourishing yin, clearing lungs, removing heat; oyster and drum taste sweet, salty, flat, heart, spleen, kidney, function nourishing yin and nourishing blood.
  Ingredients and usage: Use 2 salted duck eggs, 60-100 grams of oyster drum each time, add proper amount of rice, boil porridge, season and serve.

  Acacia flower steamed pork liver effect: Qingfeng eyesight, soothing mood, nourishing the liver and soothe the nerves.

Indications: Insomnia, flank pain, etc.

  Food function: Acacia flower sweetness, flatness, heart, liver, spleen meridian, function of soothing, qi, soothe the nerves, active energy; pig liver sweetness, bitterness, warmth, human liver meridian, function tonicate liver, nourish bloodBright eyes.

  Ingredients and usage: 10 grams of acacia flowers (dried product) each time, put in the dish, add water to align: soak for 4-6 hours, slightly clean, drain excess water; cut 100-150 grams of pork liverIn the same dish, season with salt, steam over water, and eat pork liver.

  Effect of licorice wheat red jujube soup: moderate and slow, nourish the mind and relieve annoyance, and nourish the spleen and stomach.

Indications: rickets, neurasthenia, insomnia, night sweats, etc.

  Food function: licorice flavor sweet, flat, enter the spleen, lung meridian, function and slow, lungs, detoxification; wheat flavor sweet, cool, enter the heart, spleen, kidney meridian, functional nourish the heart, benefit kidney, remove heat, Quenches thirst; jujube is sweet, warm, enters the spleen, stomach meridian, functions to nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and regenerate qi, and reconcile Yingwei.

  Ingredients and usage: Each time use 10 grams of licorice, 30 grams of wheat, 5 jujubes, 2 bowls of soup with water and fry to a bowl, remove the residue and drink the soup.

How to overcome the Workplace Platform Period?

How to overcome the “Workplace Platform Period”?

Does your work history also look like a romance history?
The passion was staged, entered the honeymoon period, and burned to the extreme, and then later today and tomorrow will be no different, and going to the office became a “must”.
The “working platform” situation has occurred to many people. Some people have a short duration, while others can last for weeks or even months.
So how can we cross the awkward “working platform”?
  职场平台一:不再较真   今年28岁的文婷曾经凡事以工作为第一,这样持续了两年,她渐渐地发现,工作在她心目中的分量发生了微妙但又是根本性的变化,She no longer believes that work is everything in life. Instead, work is just a means of making a living.
Under the guidance of this “thought”, Wen Ting became less real. She also felt that she was not working, but it was difficult to adjust.
  Countermeasure: Finding work fun.
Work is a means, but if there is no lubricant in it, it will become quite boring.
If you’ve been doing the same job for a long time and you can’t find the point that made you excited, then you probably should change to a career that can re-excited yourself.
  职场平台二:高效派变成消磨派   做文案的陈蕾本来是个做事非常有效率的人,但最近发现自己很懈怠,什么事都不愿意做,只想看碟、玩游戏,答应了别人的Things are often delayed until the end.
She also wants to have a new start every day, but the habit of going to McDonald’s for breakfast, drinking coffee, and reading the newspaper for an hour in the morning has made her start a slow pace every day.Woke up.
  Countermeasure: Change the inertia that has formed.
Since you feel that the hour and time spent at McDonald’s passed away with the efficiency and rhythm of a day, then take a hard time to change this “bad” habit.
No matter what method is used, we must form a good habit of solving today’s problems today.

Correcting Three Misunderstandings of Your Baby’s Winter

Correcting Three Misunderstandings of Your Baby’s Winter

Many young parents do not understand common sense in life, and there are three major misunderstandings about how young children spend their winters.

  Misunderstanding one: I like to feed sugar water for positive solution. I should give more water to boiled water. Many parents have the common problem of feeding sugar water to their babies. However, the winter weather is dry.

In winter, you should drink plenty of boiling water to ensure that you supplement the right amount of vegetables every day and colostrum and other foods that can improve immunity.

  Misunderstanding 2: Wrap up with thick clothes to get a sense of warmth. Children are constantly exercising, and excessively wrap them with thick clothes. Once sweating, the shorts will be sweaty and the children will be “suffocated”.cold.

In fact, clothes should be properly dressed, just feel warm.

Children over 1 year old can perform appropriate physical training by walking more.

  Misunderstanding 3: Close the door and window is a solution to keep the air flowing. Parents closed the door and window because they were worried about the cold.

In fact, such an environment can easily lead to a decrease in the body’s water content, which will cause the capillaries in the nostrils of young children to rupture and cause nosebleeds.

The air in the home should be kept clear, the indoor humidity should be maintained, and the child should drink plenty of water and keep too much water in his body.

2 medicinal diets for treating bronchitis

2 medicinal diets for treating bronchitis

Bronchitis results in a chronic, non-complicated inflammation of the bronchi that is formed by repeated infections of viruses and bacteria.

When the temperature drops sharply, the permeability of the small blood vessels in the respiratory tract expands and the defense function declines, which is conducive to disease.

If you have bronchitis, try a diet therapy. Today, I recommend two diet medicines for bronchitis.


Ingredients for ginseng and pig’s lungs: 50 grams of ginseng, 10 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiong, 250 grams of pork lungs, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Production: (1) Wash the pig’s lungs with blood water and slice; ginseng and Fritillaria chuanxiong are washed with warm water.

  (2) Put the pork lung slices, ginseng and Fritillaria into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, simmer for about 2 hours on low heat, and add rock sugar to adjust the taste.

  Efficacy: tonify lungs and cough, moisturize hot sputum.

Applicable to pneumonia, lung abscess, tuberculosis, pulmonary atrophy and other symptoms of pulmonary heat cough.

Applicable to other reasons such as weakened lung function, weakness caused by lung diseases, etc.


Prickly ash and pear raw materials: 50 Sichuan peppers, 1 large Sydney pear, 30 g rock sugar, 50 g flour.

  Production: (1) Peel the skin of Sydney, poke small holes on the surface with chopsticks, turn the pepper into grains and press into the pear.

  (2) Humidify the flour with water, knead it into a dough, roll it into a round crust, wrap it on the surface of Sydney, put it in an oven or cook it in a wok over low heat.

Peel the skin, pick out the peppercorns, and place the pears in a plate.

  (3) Put some sugar in the pot and add some water to make sugar juice, and pour it on the surface of Sydney.

  Efficacy: Runfei and asthma, phlegm and cough.

Applicable to lung heat content, acute and chronic bronchitis caused by external attack of wind and cold, symptoms include cough, cough, chills and cold.

Insomnia Symbiosis can be cured

Insomnia Symbiosis can be cured

Long-term insomnia can cause a decrease in human immune function, metabolic disorders, and heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal ulcers, depression, complications and other diseases. Modern scientific research proves that there are nearly 90 diseases related to long-term insomnia.

  Insomnia-causing factors are commonly divided into five categories: psychology, disease, drugs, environment, and physical fitness. Different insomnias have different intervention methods.

  ■ Nervous insomnia. Most of these people are more sensitive in personality. They are insomnia as soon as they are upset, and sometimes they do n’t sleep well. They feel sick. Although their sleep is not much different from that of ordinary people, they still feel that they lack sleep. If they suffer from insomnia,The burden of thinking is even heavier.

  [Symptomatic]First of all, we need to conduct targeted psychological counseling, relieve ideological burdens, and treat the principle of softening the liver and nourishing the mind. Generally, the psychological problems are solved. The sleep function often recovers quickly after taking the medicine.

  ■ Mental overwork insomnia patients are mostly managerial staff, long-term work stress, high pressure caused insomnia, mainly manifested in bed at night difficult to sleep, or intermittent awakening, more dreams, like sleep instead of sleep, or even sleepless overnight.

  [Symptomatic]Appropriate relaxation in a short period of time, such as recuperation, travel, etc., treatment is based on the principle of Pingganningshen.

  ■ Common causes of insomnia caused by insomnia include cervical spondylosis, hypertension, hypertension, and encephalopathy such as cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction, and brain atrophy.

The main clinical manifestations are early awakening and difficulty in falling asleep after waking.

  [Symptomatic]Take into account the original disease, only to see results.

  ■ Drug-induced insomnia is mainly caused by long-term use of certain western medicines, such as patients with hypertension taking long-term antihypertensive drugs and patients with heart disease taking long-term vasodilator drugs. These drugs often have alternatives that cause insomnia.

  [Symptomatic]Properly adjust the medication, choose some medicines that can treat the disease without causing insomnia, and at the same time send Chinese medicine to soothe the nerves to sleep.

  ■ Sleeping pills may be insomnia Sleeping pills can only be taken temporarily to help sleep, not long-term dependence.

People who become dependent on sleeping pills will lose sleep once they take it or take it less.

Day to day, these patients tend to surround the vicious circle.

  [Symptomatic]Pingganhuoxue, Ningxinzhenjing and other traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions are used for treatment. The method of decreasing the amount of sleeping pills while taking traditional Chinese medicine is used to reduce or stop taking sleeping pills and restore normal sleep.

  ■ Sleep rhythm disorder insomnia belongs to the insomnia of the fashion group.

The life that these people are used to, insomnia over time.

The clinical features are that it is difficult to fall asleep in bed for a long time, or it is like sleeping but not sleeping all night, with more dreams and not getting up in the morning.

  [Symptomatic]First of all, change your living habits and avoid night life.

  ■ Eating insomnia is often attended by dinner parties, and the tables are staggered with chips, delicious food, and symptoms of insomnia may also occur over time.

This is because after eating excess high-protein, high-impurity, high-glucose food, the load on the body’s turbine channel increases, incomplete digestion, and a large amount of gas and acidic metabolites are produced to affect sleep.

These patients often show difficulty falling asleep, and it is difficult to fall asleep 1-2 hours after going to bed. More people are not asleep and often wake up in the middle of the night.

  [Symptomatic]Avoid entertainment in the evening, and do not eat too much greasy and heavy food at dinner.

5 things to know for a pregnant new baby

5 things to know for a pregnant new baby

The newborn is delicate and tender, and his cacao is too particular. Do you know the reasons behind these alternative points?

The development and function of the digestive and metabolic organs of newborns are still immature and relatively weak, but they have the ability to digest and metabolize breast milk from the moment of birth.

As you age, your baby’s digestive and metabolic functions become more mature.

Therefore, we need to make a reasonable nutritional replacement based on the characteristics of the baby’s digestion and metabolism, so as to meet the baby’s growth and development needs.

  New mothers who are pregnant should pay attention to the following: 1. Why are babies who breastfeed more easily hungry?

  Probing the origin: The gastric emptying time varies with the type of food. For example, the emptying time of water is 1?

5 hours, breast milk 2?
3 hours, milk 3?
At 4 hours, the various nutrients contained in breast milk are most easily absorbed, so the baby caused by breast milk is hungry quickly.

  Initially: Breastfeeding pregnant babies may have shorter feeding intervals than powdered milk.

  2. Why can’t a newborn baby eat so much?

  Probing the origin: Infants and young children have a small stomach capacity, and the newborn baby is 30?
35 ml, 100 ml at 3 months, 250 ml at 1 year, and 500 at 3?
600 ml.

  Initially: When expecting a baby, do not feed too much milk and food each time.

The best way to judge whether your baby eats enough is to look at the increase in height and weight, whether it continues to increase, and whether it is within the normal range.

  3. Why do newborn babies love spilled milk?

  Probing the origin: Infant esophageal wall muscles and elastic fibers are poorly developed, the stomach is horizontal, and the sphincter muscles at the junction of the esophagus and stomach are not fully developed. After breastfeeding, it is prone to galactorrhea and vomiting, especially when the baby swallowsFirst class air.

  To do this: To avoid spilling milk and vomiting, usually hold the baby upright after feeding, let him lie on his mother, and then gently pat the child’s nose to let out the swallowed air.

  4. Why can I add rice flour after 4 months?

  Probing the origin: Insufficient secretion of some digestive enzymes in infancy.

When born, pepsin and trypsin can be secreted too much, which can meet the needs of protein digestion; while the slight digestion and absorption rate is slightly lower, 80%?
85%; amylase responsible for digesting cereal foods to 4?
After 6 months, secretion only started.

  Initially: starchy foods such as rice noodles should be born after birth?
Added at 6 months.

  5. Why isn’t the richer formula better?

  Probing the origin: After food is absorbed in the body, most of the metabolic waste has to undergo intravenous replacement in vitro, while the development and function of the kidneys in infants and young children are not yet mature, and their ability to regulate nutrient metabolism is limited.

If the food’s osmotic pressure and kidney solute load are too high, symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration occur.

  Do this: when preparing formula for your baby, you should strictly follow the instructions. You ca n’t mix too much to increase nutrition, because the higher the concentration, the less water, the solute load of the milk, and the burden of high blood pressure.weight.

In addition, fresh milk has a higher protein and mineral content, which will increase the solute load on the kidney. Generally, do not let your baby consume it within the age of 2 years.

11 mentalities that are impossible to get close to

11 mentalities that are impossible to get close to

1. Tragic typical people are eager for their partners and crazy about love, but they have thousands of knots in their mentality, and they are desperate in their minds.

They are always paranoid to create tragedy plots, which is an emotional self-abuse.

  2. People who love freedom feel that once they feel stable, they will not be free, and they will die if they are not free, so they are more or less afraid of intimacy.

  3. People like fraternity are a little thick-lined, and their minds are not delicate enough. They always think that each opposite sex can be friends, but they cannot communicate with each other deeply and cannot appreciate the delicate “love”.

  4. Voluntary victims are psychologically fragile, and women are more common.

At each step of their intimacy, they inserted self-sacrifice, and also destroyed valuable intimacy due to further self-sacrifice.

  5. A person with a high level of professionalism often does not necessarily really want to be intimate or does not need to pay more.

  6. Over-attachment This kind of person always depends on the other person, sticks to the other person, and presses the other person out of breath, making the love life that should be full of fun become dull and monotonous.

  7. I am afraid that the typical person who pays for love has a pure view of love. I hope my love is perfect, so I am afraid of being deceived.

How to get cheated correctly?

It depends on whether the other party is willing to pay for itself first.

This mentality easily develops a phenomenon of being overly picky and amplifying each other’s shortcomings.

  8. Feeling of inferiority is strong. When facing any partner who thinks it is worthy, it doesn’t fit inside. The more you face the person you like, the more self-defeating and timid.

They will lower themselves for no reason because of each other’s strengths, thus failing to form a breakthrough in intimate relationships.

  9, a strong sense of insecurity during the prenatal education to cultivate the embryonic form, and encountered constant stimulation during growth, will form a strong sense of insecurity.

In the absence of emotional communication, you can still feel at ease. Once you have the opportunity to have a close relationship with the opposite sex, you are suspicious and uneasy.

  10. Whatever selfish people do, they take their own gains as the standard.

Strong self-awareness makes him make up for any sacrifice for others.

  11. People who think that only money is good put money in the supreme part and put it above all value, and only recognize money but not others.

Such people are often skeptical of others and are afraid of any disputes with others financially.