5 minutes daily anti-aging simple finger exercises_1

Anti-aging simple finger exercises 5 minutes a day

When you find the first fine lines on your body, you are destined to start the journey against them.

In the face of wrinkles that women can never tolerate, we only need to take care and combine them with corresponding products to naturally attack and defend, and lead the highland in this anti-wrinkle defense battle.

  First, soothing fine-line massage method. It is not enough for us to simply use the product far more than us. It is also necessary to combine some skin care steps and massage methods so that we can do more with less.

  The lip lines are aligned with the contours of the lips, and the thumb and forefinger fingertips gently pinch the skin at the same angle as the fine lines, repeating five times.

  After the neck pattern absorbs the neck cream, massage the hands obliquely up to the back of the ear, and at the same time, obliquely downward near the back of the ear to make a constant contraction with gentle force, which is consistent with the direction of the jugular blood flow, which can promoteBlood circulation eliminates soreness and prevents wrinkles.

  Decree lines Decline lines are pushed up towards the wings of the nose and gently squeeze the skin with your thumb and index fingertips.

The pressing action needs to be even and symmetrical, massage in the same direction as the decree, and repeat five times.

  Raise your head with your hands, insert your fingertips into the hairline, and pull back hard. Your eyes will look down to help stretch the skin on your forehead and ease the formation of your wrinkles.

  The fine lines on the corners of the eyes use the middle and ring fingers to gently block the corners of the eyes and stimulate skin blood circulation.

  Emoji lines Emoji lines must pay more attention to not making your emotions fluctuate too much. Emotional fluctuations can easily affect the internal circulation of our body. In addition, rich expressions will make our skin cells form habits that are close and scattered.Fine lines increase.

   Second, daily care for fine lines POINT point 1: If you are a beauty-loving JMS, then the editor should remind you that when applying foundation or applying powder, you must not do too much movement in the area of the decree lines.A thin layer is good, otherwise there will be a pile of heavy makeup on the decree lines.

  Point 2: When using anti-wrinkle products, you must not be reluctant. You can have big movements on skin care products. As long as it is not a greasy product, apply more when you use it at night. This will not put a burden on the skin.Added a protective layer to the skin.

  Point 3: When using every anti-wrinkle product, if you don’t have time to do the massage steps like the previous ones, then at least you should cover your entire face with both hands at the end, so that all skin care products can grasp the warm “push””Go in.

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Don’t throw away the tea residue!

Ten great uses

Don’t throw away the tea residue!
Ten great uses

Everyone knows that tea is a treasure and has various health effects.

In fact, the leftover tea residue is also of great use.

Next, let’s take stock of the 10 magical uses of tea residue.

  Magical one: Make a beautiful skin tea tea bath green tea can deeply clean the skin, has a soft cuticle, make the skin tender and whitening effect.

Collect the tea residue after drinking tea, dry it naturally and replenish it in a cotton bag. Tighten the mouth of the bag and spend it in the bathtub. After bathing, you will feel the skin soft and smooth.

  Magical use two: tea eliminates dark circles The essence of dark circles lies in lack of sleep, excessive use of eyes, vitamin B12 and so on.

Covering your eyes with drunk tea is the simplest and most effective way to eliminate dark circles, which is convenient and saves money.

  Method: Applying tea to the eyes overnight can effectively alleviate the temporary dark circles caused by staying up late, edema and other reasons, and puffiness of the eyes, making the eyes glow.

In addition, when you make your own eye mask at home, apply it to your eyes with a warm tea bag and remove it after 10 minutes. This will speed up blood circulation in the eye, better absorb the nutrition of the eye mask, and improve the effect.

  Magic three: DIY green tea tea powder mask The tannic acid contained in tea powder can increase skin elasticity and help to moisturize and beauty.

In addition, in addition to whitening the skin, tea powder also has a bactericidal effect and has great potential for acne and purulence.

  Method: Put the green tea powder and pure water in a box to make a paste. The advantage is that it can be completely dissolved in water without particles.

Then add glycerin, stir, add 1/2 of the amount of facial cleanser, and stir well.

When using, take a small spoon, apply it on the face, rinse after 15 minutes, the face feels smooth and very comfortable.

  Magic 4: Anti-wrinkle tea sugar beauty method catechins in tea are natural antioxidants, which can increase the activity of superoxide dismutase, help the body to remove free radical oxidized peroxide, and help fight aging.

  Method: After drinking tea, filter out the tea residue, add 2 tablespoons of tea residue and brown sugar to boil, add flour and mix evenly. After 15 minutes, wipe the face with a wet towel. The skin will be moisturized after one monthFairness!

  Fantastic use five: Dry tea residue can absorb odor. Method: Dry the leftover tea residue into a gauze bag and put it in the refrigerator to eliminate the fishy smell from fish and meat.

Put it in the kitchen to eliminate the smell of cooking.

Put it in the toilet to eliminate the odor; put it in the closet to remove the smell of cigarettes attached to clothes.

Placed in shoes to eliminate overlap and odor inside the shoes.

  Magical use six: Tea for beriberi Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which has a strong bactericidal effect, especially effective for filamentous bacteria that cause beriberi.

  Method: People suffering from athlete’s foot will boil tea every night to wash their feet.

However, make tea and wash your feet with perseverance, there will be no significant effect in a short time.

And it is best to use green tea, fermented black tea, the content of tannic acid is less overlapping.

  Magical 7: Wash the greasy with the residual tea leaves. Scrub the greasy pots and pans, wood, bamboo tables and chairs, and set them more polished.

  Magical use eight: Tea can remove dirt and greasy. If you insist on washing your hair with tea soaked, your hair will be black and shiny.

After washing the hair with ordinary shampoo, and then rinsing with tea, you can remove excess greasy, make the hair black and soft, shiny and bright, 100% natural nourishment.

  Magical use nine: Absorb the residual tea to dry it, dry the residual tea, and spread it in a vertical place, it can eliminate the tide.

Because tea has a strong adsorption effect.

  Magical ten: Wash the dishes with tea residue. When cleaning the pots and pans, pour some tea residues on the cleaning cloth. Not only can the pots and dishes be washed, but they must start to look as clean as new, leaving some faint fragrance on them.

Reminder-shampoo, cotton ball, ear plugs

Reminder: shampoo and ear plugs with cotton balls

In the life of today, many people ignore the important part of the ear.

It only takes a little time to knead every day, so that all the acupoints on the ear can be active and smooth, which is of great help to health.

  Ear care 1.

Avoid places that are too noisy, such as song halls and discos.


When working in a noisy environment, wear appropriate earmuffs and earplugs.


Ear inflammation or tinnitus, see a doctor immediately.


When listening to CD, MD, MP3 with headphones, don’t turn up the volume too much.


Earwax is a secretion that naturally protects the external auditory canal, and does not require special cleaning. Just clean the auricle every day.

Don’t think that a cotton swab is a better tool for cleaning your ears. In fact, this will only push most of the earwax deeper into the ears, forming an impaction, and the cotton ball may remain in the ear canal.


When washing or bathing, you can use a cotton ball to plug the ears to prevent sewage from flowing into the ear canal.

  There are a hundred and twenty points on the little ears, and you must be surprised.

What’s even more incredible is that these acupoints are connected to the meridians of the body, so they have a close relationship with the health of the five internal organs.

  When local abnormalities occur on the body, the corresponding acupoints of the auricular point will cause pain or lumps.

If the geomagnetic field is handled in a timely manner and these abnormal phenomena are eliminated, the physical condition will naturally improve.

Ear acupuncture in ancient medicine uses this principle.

Chronic rhinitis diet therapy

Chronic rhinitis diet therapy


250 grams of lilies, peeled, boiled until crisp, and served with rock sugar.

This prescription has the effect of nourishing lungs and nourishing qi.

Apply rhinitis with shortness of breath, chest tightness.


12 grams of peach kernels, water, remove impurities, add 20 red dates, and cook until the peach kernels are transparent and rotten.

Add the right amount of sugar and eat.

This prescription has the effect of nourishing blood and activating blood.

For rhinitis with red tongue and purple bruising near the tongue.


150 grams of fresh coconut meat, squeezed.

Twenty black dates, pitted.

200 grams of chicken, cut into pieces.

50 grams of Chinese wolfberry, washed.

Steam in the same bowl with water.

Add condiments and eat it later.

This formula has the effect of strengthening the spleen, nourishing yin and invigorating qi.

It is suitable for rhinitis with thick sticky nasal discharge, heavy head and thin stools.

Cold medicine diet party Yinhua drink

Cold medicine diet party “Yinhua drink”

This product has a long cylindrical shape, many branches, often entwined into a bundle, diameter 1.
5 ~ 6mm.
Surface brown-red to dark brown, some gray-green, smooth or hairy; the skin is easy to peel off.
There are many nodes on the branch, the internode length is 6-9cm, and there are residual leaves and leaf marks.
Brittle, easy to break, yellowish white in section, hollow.
It is odorless, the old branches taste slightly bitter, and the young branches are light.
  Cold medicine diet recipe-Yinhua drink 〖raw materials〗: 20 grams of silver flowers, 10 grams of hawthorn, 250 grams of honey.
  〖 做 法 〗: 将银花、山楂放入砂锅内,加水适量,置急火上烧沸,5分钟后取药液一次,再加水煎熬一次取汁,将两次药液合并,放入蜂蜜,搅拌Serve evenly.
  〖Use〗: 3 times a day, or drink at any time.
  〖Function〗: Xinliang decompression table, clearing heat and detoxifying.
Suitable for colds.
  〖Comment〗: Honeysuckle Xinliang diverges, clears heat and detoxifies, and can also be used as a drink with honeysuckle and tea.

6 amazing fruits and vegetables to protect your healthy skin


6 amazing fruits and vegetables to protect your healthy skin

Introduction: The beauty of traditional Chinese medicine is the oldest, most basic and effective method. Let’s study the beautiful secrets hidden in the daily fruits and vegetables . Zhuyan Shengguo: Tomatoes are found to be rich in eggplantVegetarian, tomato, a common and unremarkable fruit, has recently become a star in the juice market.

As a natural plant pigment, lycopene has excellent antioxidant effects, and can protect plants from damage caused by sunlight and air pollution. It can also prevent aggravation on the human body and the skin surface.The proportional benefit.

Best Recipe: Tomato Scrambled Eggs or Tomato Egg Soup.

Since lycopene is a fat-soluble component, it must be naturally released through fat distillation to be effectively absorbed by humans, so processed tomato products are more nutritious than fresh tomato pigments.

Whitening master: papaya papaya breast enhancement effect, and few people know that only the consumption of green papaya can achieve the best breast enhancement effect.

In addition, scientists have found that papain in papaya also has a whitening effect. Eating a small amount of papaya after a meal also has certain effects on preventing gastric ulcers and indigestion.

And papaya is a low-speed fruit, so you don’t have to worry about your figure when you eat it.

In 2007, the World Health Organization released the “Global Healthy Food Rankings”. For the first time, papaya topped the fruit list.

Best recipe: Cut the papaya into pieces, add milk and egg yolks into a juice, then add lemon juice and honey.

Detox good fruit: Cherries Cherries have been called “beauty fruit” since ancient times. Frequent eating can make the skin smooth and moist.

Of course, cherry is also recognized as a “detoxifying fruit”, which has the effect of removing toxins and unclean body fluids, has a good laxative effect, and is quite helpful for detoxification of the kidneys.

However, although cherries are good, be careful not to eat more.

Because in addition to containing a lot of iron, it also contains a certain amount of cyanide, if too much food can cause iron poisoning or cyanide poisoning.

Once you eat more cherries, you can use sugar cane juice to clear heat and detoxify.

Best recipe: raw food.

When you buy cherries, you should choose a fruit with pedicles, bright color and full skin. If you can’t eat it at that time, it is best to keep it at -1 ℃.

New favorite for slimming: Sweet potatoes, which were hard to find in the “Tanya House” in the past, have become the food of choice for western women’s beauty and slimming in recent years.

It turned out that sweet potatoes are rich in β-carotene, potassium, iron and vitamin B6, and each 100 grams of sweet potatoes produce less calories than rice. In the “2007 Global Healthy Food List” released by the World Health Organization, sweet potatoes were the firstThe popularity on the top of the vegetable list is evident.

Best recipe: steamed sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato skin contains a lot of healthful nutrients.

Others such as sweet potato porridge, stewed sweet potatoes, etc., nutrients will be converted to reduce the loss of water.

In general, sweet potatoes still retain the most nutrients when steamed, and they can also be eaten with skin.

Anti-Aging Force: Soy Soy contains a lot of vitamin E which is good for cell growth. It can even inhibit skin aging and prevent pigmentation on the skin.

At the same time, as a phytoestrogen, isoflavones in soybeans also have anti-oxidation ability, and are inedible foods to maintain shiny and delicate skin.

Amy’s MM may wish to keep beans on your food list.

Best Recipe: Soy Milk.

Wash the raw beans the first night and soak them in cold water.

The next morning, put it in a juicer to squeeze the juice, and then heat the water and soybean milk juice at a ratio of 1: 2 or 2: 3.

Acne “fresh” front: Celery is higher than below, and the beauty effect of celery seems to be little known.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, celery has the functions of “accumulating essence gas”, “removing congestion” and “stopping cholera diarrhea”.

It can clean the dirt in the skin cells, remove skin oils, have good acne and fire-clearing effects, and lighten the scars caused by acne.

However, because celery is a photosensitive plant, you should pay attention to sun protection after eating celery.

5 steps to say goodbye to sensitive skin


5 steps to say goodbye to sensitive skin

Sensitive skin makes many MMs miserable, but what we must do is not to blame ourselves, but to find a way to rescue!

In accordance with the environmental characteristics of spring, teach you 5 skin care steps, improve skin sensitivity and start now!

  First and foremost: the temperature of the water for washing your face.

It is best to wash your face with warm water, as long as the water temperature is slightly higher than cold water.

Also, don’t be blown by cold wind, and don’t expose to the sun.

Some people like to apply a hot towel to their face. In fact, this can easily cause the skin’s resistance to decline, so it is best not to apply it in spring.

  Step 2: Gentle cleansing. Some people have oily skin, and they always feel that their face is not clean. So when rubbing your face, rub your hands vigorously, and some use facial cleanser twice. These are wrong.Allergies are easy, and excessive cleansing will dry out the skin, so it will increase the chance of skin allergies.

Therefore, when washing your face in spring, you must remember the word “gentle” and clean it properly.

There is also a reset of the toner, just tap it.

 Step 3: Moisturizing is still important to the skin. Some people think that moisturizing in the air increases in the spring, so moisturizing is not so important. In fact, moisturizing is still important to the skin, especially for dry skin.

In early spring, it is best to use some pure moisturizing plant-based sprays, which often replenish the face, the skin is healthy, and it is not so sensitive.

  The fourth step: sun protection, anti-sensitivity, and UV protection, so although it is early spring, you must remember to wipe out the sun when going out.

Try to choose a sunscreen with a low irritation. A sun protection factor of 20-30 is sufficient. Wipe a little on the skin of the forearm or the back of the ear first. If there is no adverse reaction within 48 hours, you can use it.

Step 5: Too much skin care products for skin “burden reduction” will also increase the possibility of skin allergies, so “burden reduction” for the skin, such as sun protection and isolation and selection.

If you are still worried about the burden on your skin, then going out and wearing a hat and holding an umbrella are both good and practical.

Others will go into the misunderstanding of anti-sensitivity. Some people find that their skin is red, so they use a thick foundation to cover it. This will irritate the skin, increase the burden on the skin, and even develop dermatitis.The skin is redder, so it is necessary to do subtraction instead of addition for the skin.

Are you

Ten symptoms of “incompetence”

Are you
Ten symptoms of “incompetence”

People often write to me about their love affairs, love and hate, helplessness and panic, and this is just like being a bystander. Sometimes I feel that this matter is not reliable at all, but it ca n’t be pointed out directly.
After all, the people who come to this tendon are paranoid, the more unsatisfactory the more they fight.
  It’s not terrible for two people to be inappropriate. No one is right, but it’s just not looking for the right person, but there is a kind of person who doesn’t work well every day if you encounter it, that is-incompetence in love.
  Seeing that many people have written questions about incompetence, the general meaning is that urban white-collar workers are busy with work, blank feelings, and superior life. Finally, they will not be able to love others when they are busy to a certain extent, and they become incompetent.
This kind of statement, I think it has nothing to do with incompetence in love. It should be called a workaholic. Only the brains who are working are too lazy to fall in love. I don’t know what loneliness is. After all, there is a trust.
When I say incompetence, I mean people who do n’t know how to love others at all. As soon as this problem is resolved, you may be too anxious to stamp your feet.
  The symptoms are as follows: First, I never know how to treat others well. Don’t talk about giving a little affection, just care about the other party feels unnecessary, the other party must ask: you are not good at all to me!
People answered: Hey?
Haven’t I bought you several times!
Well, spend money is pay?
  Second, the purpose of love is clear, it is time to get married.
Once the relationship is determined, it doesn’t matter. There are real problems in the mind, how to save money to buy a house or furniture.
Or just marry the parents completely, anyway, the parents are going to hug their grandchildren.
  Third, do not believe in love, even if you like who is still skeptical, keep negative examples in mind, always “what you want to do” in case of fear, and give yourself a hand.
  4. Riding a donkey to find a horse, the so-called “condition” of the other party takes the first place. Even if you don’t meet the qualified person, find someone to “love” first and then say that halfway you find it better to “hop” at any time.
  Fifth, I don’t know what I want. Today, I feel thin and slim, and I think fat people have flesh. My thoughts change, maybe I’m fancy about fat people, but I can’t bear to lose weight.
Of course, the end of this situation is that the fat and thin person will sooner or later feel that he or she is not a thing.
  6, like to be chased by others, but also favored by others, we must be centered on ourselves, or say that the other party is not enough love.
Yeah, the one who was catching up was cheap, and he always gave chocolate. If one day he changed the gum, they wouldn’t do it.
  7. Care about others’ opinions. Cats, dogs and dogs are more important than their true feelings.
Finding a lover is based on the eyes of others. As long as you hear the objection, you will immediately examine the other person, then pick up the fault and find out what is wrong.
Face is first and must meet the needs of the public.
  8. It is boring, the relationship is optional, the attention is elsewhere, and it is hard to figure out why you should fall in love. Anyway, it is worse than no one, and it is better to be with friends than to be with friends.
  Nine, idiot.
Seeing a curious one, seeing one likes one, the attitude is very serious, but I feel very serious, and I am quite annoyed about this.
  X. Out of stock.
He thinks he understands feelings and is full of bastard logic. As long as he encounters goods all the way, he sighs that all the good men and women in the world have been picked by others, and the rest of the trash has been encountered by him or her.
I often complain about my bad life, but I never know that I am garbage.
  There are two major reasons for these ten kinds of incompetent diseases. Either they have n’t been loved by their parents and family and do n’t know how to love others, or they are selfish and out of touch.

DIY beauty lotion solves skin problems

DIY beauty lotion solves skin problems

DIY is actually a discipline with a lot of esoteric knowledge. In the field of skin care, DIY has great potential.

Today, I will tell you, use DIY beauty liquid to solve various skin problems.

  The “potion” is in the right place. The raw materials for “whitening” the white and tender skin: 5 tablets of Korean ginseng and 10 tablets of Angelica sinensis.Inside, prepare another spray vial and take it as needed.

  Efficacy: Makes the skin fair and tender, with the effect of light spots.

  Refreshing lemon cleansing water effect: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, effective cleansing, whitening skin Material: lemon 1 method: Wash the lemon oak into a juicer, squeeze the juice, filter the juice and pour it into a clean container.

  Usage: Insert the face with warm water first, then wash the face with lemon cleansing water, and gently pat the face to promote absorption.

After a few minutes, rinse with warm water.

  Glossy facial cleanser formula: 20 grams of winter mulberry leaves, cold water or distilled water 1500ml method: fry the winter mulberry leaves with water, about 15?
After 20 minutes, remove the residue and take the juice.

After that, the filtered fruit juice is tortured into a small bottle and stored in the refrigerator. Each time you wash your face, you can pour 30ml of winter mulberry leaf juice into your face wash water for cleansing.

  Beauty muscle polymerization: The beauty method invented by the court maids of the Yuan Dynasty is equivalent to facial cleanser.

After use, not only can whiten, but also roughen the facial skin, reduce acne marks, freckles.

This product can also be used to wash your hair, making the hair dark and shiny, flowing and supple.

  Snowgrass beauty tea formula: 5 grams of raw ground, 15 grams of Centella asiatica, 15 grams of raw mountain plants, rock sugar suitable method: Grind the above medicinal materials into powder, add water and cook 3?
5 minutes, after filtering, remove the juice, add rock sugar and add.

  Beauty fiber: It is said that this is a beauty tea that Princess Song Gong likes to drink.

Dashengdi clears poison and yin, Centella asiatica resists oxidation, and promotes skin metabolism.

Long-term use can make the skin smooth and tender, shiny and radiant.

  Loofah is also a natural beauty product. Scientific research shows that the juice extracted from the stem of the loofah-loofah juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, plant mucus, mannan, galactolipid, xylose, and it has freckle, whitening and anti-wrinkleEfficacy is a rare natural skin care product.

  Japan’s “Daily News” has published an interview article, introducing the 80-year-old female writer Hirabayashi Hideko’s face without wrinkles, the secret of staying young, is that she never used beauty cosmetics, just wiped with gauze dipped in loofah juice every morningFace, uninterrupted for decades.

This experience was passed on to her by her mother. When her mother was 90 years old, the shell was still glorious.

  Loofah juice is called “beauty water”. Loofah juice is called “beauty water”. It is rich in nutrients, prevents vitamin B1 in the skin, whitens skin vitamin C, etc., can protect the skin, eliminate plaque, and makeSkin is white and delicate.

You can squeeze the loofah directly and wipe the face with the juice; you can also dry it, grind it into powder, and apply it on the face with water.

You can also squeeze a piece of loofah into juice, pour an appropriate amount into warm water, and wash your face with it to make the skin delicate and shiny, or extract the juice from the root of the loofah, and then use a cotton ball to dip the loofah water after washing your face every nightApply on the face, wash with water after 20 minutes, and stick to it will have obvious results.

  The method of preparing loofah water in Honglou Meng: 1. On the day of Qingming Festival, pick a few peach leaves, wash and disinfect them, and store them for future use;Take a half-person high above the ground to cut off the waist, collect the continuously dripping juice from the loofah stem, and store it in the cellar for future use; 3, choose the snowy Laba Day, pick the clear snow from the bright red plum flowers, and putIn a crockery in a kiln, use black coal to boil the fire, slowly distill the purified water, and seal it in the cellar; 4. On the day of the seventh day of the following year (commonly known as Qiaori), remove the loofah juice and plum blossoms.Snow water, stir and mix in a crock pot into a kiln, and then add natural care ingredients such as fine wine, witch hazel, peach blossom leaves, hyaluronic acid, etc. to prepare.

  You can also make different masks, the specific method is as follows: sunscreen mask: squeeze 1 loofah juice, take an appropriate amount of ice milk and honey to make a paste, apply to the body and neck, 15 minutes?
Wash after 20 minutes.
  Whitening mask: First squeeze the juice from half a loofah and half a lemon, then add the juice to an appropriate amount of milk and apply it on the face for 10 minutes?
After 15 minutes, rinse with water.

  In addition, loofah has a high medicinal value.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that loofah has a sweet taste and has cooling and cooling blood, detoxification and laxative, expelling wind and phlegm, moisturizing and cosmetology, passing meridians, blood lines, and lower milk.

However, it should be reminded that loofah should not be eaten raw.

How to improve the ability of psychological and emotional management?

How to improve the ability of psychological and emotional management?

In terms of feelings, no matter how good a woman is, she may be abandoned. Never believe in such stupid things as “He doesn’t want me, but I’m not good enough.” The thing is that you are no good no matter how good you are.You are so good that it makes the man stress. He feels that being with you cannot show his strength, he feels deeply tired and eager to break away from your psychological shadow.

  Therefore, Faye Wong lost to Plateau and Shao Meiqi lost to Liang Yongqi.

Never believe that the word sturdy is iron. Many times, sturdy, it seems that the power of temptation is not strong enough.

  In ancient times, a woman was suspended. If she could not write a verse like Zhuo Wenjun who said, “Wenjun has two opinions, so he decided to go against each other.” If he touches Langjun’s iron heart, he will only cry back to his mother.

But now, the abandoned woman is no longer so tragic.

It’s not terrible to be an abandoned woman.

The terrible thing is that after being abandoned, he slumped for life.

All the abandoned woman needs to do is to remain calm and continue her life.

Make big money carelessly like Faye Wong, and without you, I can fall in love with others; or like Shao Meiqi, after being abandoned by you, I will say nothing.

It is increasingly felt that such women are very contentious. Sometimes we can’t concentrate on doing something very well, largely because we can’t control our emotions well.

  You may have experienced this, sitting there trying to read a book, but couldn’t see it.

Your mind is full of thoughts that make your heart not calm.

So, you might open a book without looking at a few pages and then hurriedly close it.

  Do you remember when you were a kid you could read a novel in one breath and read it in one breath?

Do you remember when you were a kid you could play with your toys without anyone there?

At that time, we were very simple. We didn’t know how high the sky was and how thick the ground was.

  When we grow up, our brains bear too much information: studying, finding a job, buying a house, getting married, etc.-each of these things contains countless amounts of information that we need to master.

So worry came, trouble came, and our hearts became calmer.

Now, I am living a simplified life, using simplified power to manage my emotions, and keeping my heart in a completely calm state.

Today I will talk about how to keep my heart in a calm state, eliminate interference from the outside world, concentrate on doing what I like, and enjoy this kind of fun.

  First, stop rejecting this world. Too many people around me hate this world.

Almost every day, rejections from various people are accepted.

The mother cried too much for chores and she didn’t have time to do what she liked.

The meals at the Tears School Cafeteria were so bad.

Even when playing basketball yesterday, some people refused to breathe.

If you make a statistic, how many people are repeating in a day, I think this number will surprise you.

How good it is to live in this world, why delay it?

My troubled today is not exactly the tomorrow that those who died yesterday prayed for?

We should look at this world with gratitude.

Thanks for these sufferings, so that I can experience the pain in the world.

  Last month I was tripped by someone while playing basketball, sprained my right foot, and looked swollen like a hoe.

The day before yesterday I went to play basketball and the glasses frame was broken by the ball, and I had to re-match the glasses . I won’t repeat the person who tripped me or cry that basketball.

Instead, I look at this issue with gratitude.

Thank him for giving me pain, let me understand how good the healthy feet are; thank basketball for smashing my glasses, letting me realize how important this little thing on the bridge of the nose is.

  You may think I’m stupid, but it is this attitude of disappointment that keeps me at ease at all times and is not shocked.

Sometimes things are not good or bad, it’s just that people who look at the problem are in different realms.

  Maybe your life is poor, maybe you have no friends, maybe you don’t have a job, maybe you don’t have a family, so you eagerly want to relieve yourself of the heavy burden.

However, sometimes destiny is not so smooth, there will always be one or two things in the abyss that suffocate you.Sighing that your destiny is not good, it will stifle your birth, parents, superiors . stop your tears and calm your irritable mood.

These things you complain about are not the cause of your current situation, the real reason is your own mentality.

And these situations will never change unless you are willing to change your mindset.

  When I choked myself that my jumping ability was not good, I saw people without legs on the street.

  When I choked on a fly in this dish, I passed the scavengers by the side of the road.

  When I suspected that the house was too busy, I saw travelers on the street at the station.

  When I suspect that there is too much work and too much work, I see out-of-school children and laid-off workers.

  What can we trust?


Isn’t this world giving us enough, and what value do we create for this world?

I always think that these things we endure may be worthy of showing off to others. Are we moaning without disease or moaning without disease?

  Second, simplify life and stay away from the hustle and bustle.

  There is a very simple story: an individual saw an old man fishing at the beach, and it was strange that the fish he caught would be put back into the sea.

This person was very unclear and asked the old man: “Why don’t you sell the fish you catch?

The old man asked, “Why should I sell it?”

“The man replied,” That way you can make money.

“The old man asked,” What if you have money?

“The man said,” It’s good to have money. With money, you can make more money. Then you can buy a house by the sea. You can enjoy the sea breeze and fishing every day. How good is that life . “The old man smiled., This article: “Then you say, what am I doing now?

“This story has a deep meaning. It turns out that what we have been pursuing, we already have.

When we stop rejecting the world, we look at it with gratitude.

  I often warn myself that whatever I do, I must calm down my mind.

Like a hermit master, stay away from the hustle and bustle and concentrate on doing the work at hand.

Like a child, focus on your own toys and don’t care about other things.

I think this is focus.

Just like when I was writing this article, I stayed in the dormitory alone. At this moment, there are still 10 days before the start of school. During this time, I can think alone and feel this quiet and isolated world.

  I think that only when a person has a calm heart and a calm mind can he exercise keen insight and extraordinary judgment.

So, in life, I often look for this kind of opportunity to be alone, thinking about how to simplify my life and stay away from the hustle and bustle.

If you feel emotionally out of control, you might try to stay away from this flashy earth and walk alone in the mountains.

Feel the power of nature and make your heart quiet.

At this time, your thoughts will gather together, and your insight and judgment will reach their peak, allowing you to face any difficulties, including your own shortcomings.

  Every time I am alone, I will understand myself more deeply, understand my inner enemy, and start thinking about how to solve the problem and defeat the enemy.

  The ability to manage one’s emotions is gradually developed.

In the past, I was very easy to get out of control, and sometimes even wanted to cry for no reason. Later, after experiencing countless frustrations, I gradually cultivated my perseverance.

In front of any problem, I always keep my inner peace, and don’t go on first, but look at the problem with gratitude.

Use your innate insight and judgment to solve problems. Only by solving problems that you don’t know can you be promoted.

The same goes for emotional management.

Annoyed, never put personal grievances on the table, even weeping to 隅, and do not be Xianglin 嫂.

  I remember reading an advertisement a long time ago saying that love is beautiful precisely because it is free to choose.

This sentence is not unreasonable.

Whoever you love and who you don’t love is free to choose.And choosing love or choosing material, why not be a person’s freedom?

Men pursuing money is called pursuing a career, and there is nothing wrong with it; then how can a woman pursuing materiality become a sinner for all ages and be insulted?

Even if she wants to use marriage to get her own rich life, as long as she doesn’t use mean means, who is entitled to accuse her of anything?

We all have different aspirations.

You want your love, she wants her materiality, her life posture is different, there is no right or wrong question.

Be a strong, self-reliant, beautiful woman.

  A woman can be born unpretty, but she must live beautiful.

At any time, profound knowledge, good cultivation, civilized manners, elegant talking, broad minds, and a heart full of love will surely make a person live beautiful enough, even if you do not grow upVery beautiful.
To live beautifully is to live out a spirit, a taste, and a truly wonderful splendor.

As long as one does not give up, I believe no one can hinder your progress.