10 things you don’t need to care about in this life of mental health

10 things you don’t need to care about in this life of mental health

A certain mindset determines a certain life.

If you are diligent, your life is hard and fulfilling, if you are lazy then your life is idle and inactive, if you are open-minded then your life is bright and colorful.

  If you want to be a master of life and want to make your life more interesting, don’t worry about it.

The mental health channel summarizes ten things that people often encounter in life and are easily tangled: 1. Loss — Loss is a blessing.

  Old people often say, “It’s a blessing to lose,” and this is true.

Not all cheaps are fortunate, not all luck is fortunate, and not all pain is unbearable.

Loss is often the treasure treasured in the heart.

If you do n’t understand losses, you ca n’t understand life perfectly: if you do n’t understand losses, you will not have a magnificent career.

  2. Diploma — Diploma is not equal to ability.

  A person with a high degree does indeed have a good employment capital, but without a diploma, everything is explained, but without a diploma, there is ability. The future of a person is not determined by the diploma or ability.

  3. Illness — Strongness can overcome everything.

  Only with the qualities of optimism and strength can a person better grasp his destiny.

Because optimism and tenacity are the helmsmen who control the course of life and the propellers of the ship of fate.

  4. Unreasonable criticism-no one will kick a dead dog.

  It is uncomfortable to be criticized, and even more so to be criticized unreasonably.

Some people are angry, some sorrow and depression, while others become rational and positive.

  5, looks different — appearance can not represent all.

  It is not a fault for a person to look different. Everyone should face himself truly. In this world, one is ultimately recognized by others as strength rather than appearance.

  6, the situation — only the truth and nothing, not good or bad.

  Many things in life are relative, good or bad, it depends on what standard you use to make him or face him with some kind of mentality.

The same is true of your personal situation. For better or worse, it’s all in your heart.

  7, hardship — hardship without suffering.

  As the saying goes, “It ‘s hard to eat but hard to eat.”

Those who have never suffered are mostly people who cannot stand the test.

  8, crying — not fragile or even relieved.

  Don’t stubbornly regard crying as a label of a person’s fragility. When you are tired, bitter, or hurt, crying is a kind of spiritual medicine, which can make you rejuvenate and face life after crying.

People need to be strong and they need to be released.

  9, face — casual, indifferent life is a kind of enjoyment.

  Casual, indifferent life is a treat.

A perfect life does not necessarily need to make a lot of money or great achievements. In a simple and plain life, living a happy and comfortable life is also a superior state of life.

  10, waiting — waiting is a kind of happiness.

  Waiting is a process, like everything in winter expects spring to bloom.

Waiting is a kind of happiness, it fills the most real future in life.

Learn to wait and you will find that every moment in your life is wonderful.

  These are the ten things. If we are happy and don’t care, the sky above our heads will be clearer, and our lives will be more exciting.

A good mentality, no matter how unsatisfactory life is, then he has the ability to live life vividly.

Mental health is so powerful, mental health is also an alternative to scientific health.

6 amazing fruits and vegetables to protect your healthy skin


6 amazing fruits and vegetables to protect your healthy skin

Introduction: The beauty of traditional Chinese medicine is the oldest, most basic and effective method. Let’s study the beautiful secrets hidden in the daily fruits and vegetables . Zhuyan Shengguo: Tomatoes are found to be rich in eggplantVegetarian, tomato, a common and unremarkable fruit, has recently become a star in the juice market.

As a natural plant pigment, lycopene has excellent antioxidant effects, and can protect plants from damage caused by sunlight and air pollution. It can also prevent aggravation on the human body and the skin surface.The proportional benefit.

Best Recipe: Tomato Scrambled Eggs or Tomato Egg Soup.

Since lycopene is a fat-soluble component, it must be naturally released through fat distillation to be effectively absorbed by humans, so processed tomato products are more nutritious than fresh tomato pigments.

Whitening master: papaya papaya breast enhancement effect, and few people know that only the consumption of green papaya can achieve the best breast enhancement effect.

In addition, scientists have found that papain in papaya also has a whitening effect. Eating a small amount of papaya after a meal also has certain effects on preventing gastric ulcers and indigestion.

And papaya is a low-speed fruit, so you don’t have to worry about your figure when you eat it.

In 2007, the World Health Organization released the “Global Healthy Food Rankings”. For the first time, papaya topped the fruit list.

Best recipe: Cut the papaya into pieces, add milk and egg yolks into a juice, then add lemon juice and honey.

Detox good fruit: Cherries Cherries have been called “beauty fruit” since ancient times. Frequent eating can make the skin smooth and moist.

Of course, cherry is also recognized as a “detoxifying fruit”, which has the effect of removing toxins and unclean body fluids, has a good laxative effect, and is quite helpful for detoxification of the kidneys.

However, although cherries are good, be careful not to eat more.

Because in addition to containing a lot of iron, it also contains a certain amount of cyanide, if too much food can cause iron poisoning or cyanide poisoning.

Once you eat more cherries, you can use sugar cane juice to clear heat and detoxify.

Best recipe: raw food.

When you buy cherries, you should choose a fruit with pedicles, bright color and full skin. If you can’t eat it at that time, it is best to keep it at -1 ℃.

New favorite for slimming: Sweet potatoes, which were hard to find in the “Tanya House” in the past, have become the food of choice for western women’s beauty and slimming in recent years.

It turned out that sweet potatoes are rich in β-carotene, potassium, iron and vitamin B6, and each 100 grams of sweet potatoes produce less calories than rice. In the “2007 Global Healthy Food List” released by the World Health Organization, sweet potatoes were the firstThe popularity on the top of the vegetable list is evident.

Best recipe: steamed sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato skin contains a lot of healthful nutrients.

Others such as sweet potato porridge, stewed sweet potatoes, etc., nutrients will be converted to reduce the loss of water.

In general, sweet potatoes still retain the most nutrients when steamed, and they can also be eaten with skin.

Anti-Aging Force: Soy Soy contains a lot of vitamin E which is good for cell growth. It can even inhibit skin aging and prevent pigmentation on the skin.

At the same time, as a phytoestrogen, isoflavones in soybeans also have anti-oxidation ability, and are inedible foods to maintain shiny and delicate skin.

Amy’s MM may wish to keep beans on your food list.

Best Recipe: Soy Milk.

Wash the raw beans the first night and soak them in cold water.

The next morning, put it in a juicer to squeeze the juice, and then heat the water and soybean milk juice at a ratio of 1: 2 or 2: 3.

Acne “fresh” front: Celery is higher than below, and the beauty effect of celery seems to be little known.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, celery has the functions of “accumulating essence gas”, “removing congestion” and “stopping cholera diarrhea”.

It can clean the dirt in the skin cells, remove skin oils, have good acne and fire-clearing effects, and lighten the scars caused by acne.

However, because celery is a photosensitive plant, you should pay attention to sun protection after eating celery.

Three no products has become a baby, magic potion is dedicated to the elderly, please beware!

“Three no products” has become a baby, “magic potion” is dedicated to the elderly, please beware!

In recent years, we can find in various places that there are always some people who claim to publicize science and health knowledge, and give large lectures to the elderly in some communities, squares and other places.

And these old people will be given some small gifts as a temptation, as small as a box of paper towels, up to a few eggs.

In many areas, there are always old people who go to the queue to listen to lectures for the so-called gifts. It is understood that most of these lectures are to first spread the knowledge of the disease category and then publicize their health care products or medical facilities.

This is the routine regardless of the size of the city.

And there is one thing in common, that is, their products are expensive, a box of health care products may be as high as thousands, and the so-called healing equipment is tens of thousands of blocks.

Some people may say that someone like this will buy it?

Yes, they are using the old people’s alertness to be weak, and most of them have some savings characteristics to deceive them, and the old people who have been “brainwashed” are willing to buy these things.

Recently, it has been found that companies in Liuzhou that sell health products have a great ability to promote their products, and even achieve the effect of cure.

Every day, some elderly people go to class by small means and then sell their health products.

It is understood that this company sells “magic potion” to do “Sail regain”, it can be taken orally for external use, can cure diseases, can be health care.

Even if there is any serious illness, it can be treated and it can prevent cancer.

This is really amazing, but is there such an effect?

Will everyone buy it?

First of all, let’s talk about the purity of this bottle of syrup. The merchants sell the syrup according to the whole set. The price of a set of 12 bottles and one bottle is more than 400 yuan.

In other words, if you want to buy this potion, you will need more than 4,000 pieces.

Looking at this price, it is estimated that some people will think more.

However, some merchants have brainwashing methods, and some alternatives that are not effective, such as allowing the elderly to make false propaganda, can get rebates.

So there are still some old people who are under their means and have lost their pockets.

But is such a product useful?

It is understood that this kind of potion called “Sail’s recovery” has been exposed by the media in other cities. This is a scam. The potion contained in it is actually a mixture of sea water and vinegar.

Although there will be no abnormalities in drinking, but to buy some vinegar at such a high price, it seems that this liar method is really brilliant.

Moreover, in 2010, CCTV also exposed this product. In the end, this is a “three no products.”

It is illegal to go public without listing the law. However, because the supervision is not enough, some lawless elements defraud the old people in some areas.

For the old people, many people have saved money for a lifetime, but these black-hearted merchants have reached out to them, which is simply unbearable.

Here, Xiaobian wants to say that in this world, no one has an old man. If these businesses can change their minds, they will not be conscience and harm the people.

Therefore, Xiao Bian is here, and advises the elderly to be vigilant and be careful to enter the trap of the liar.

It is also hoped that all sectors of society can strengthen supervision and allow lawless elements to get the sanctions they deserve.

Office workers often look up to prevent shoulder inflammation


Office workers often look up to prevent shoulder inflammation

Long-term work at the computer to bring office workers may be cervical spondylosis, shoulder and other occupational diseases.

Often consciously “shaking his head” and performing corrective exercises have a good effect on this typical occupational disease.

銆€銆€First look up at the sky.

Take the straight position, the two hands are drooping, the feet are shoulder-width apart, the head is slowly raised, looking up to the sky, the angle of view is trying to reach the alignment, the eyes are fixed on a target, and this position is maintained for about 15 seconds.

銆€銆€The massage is massaged.

Take the erect or sitting type, press the sputum with both hands and merge the posterior side, first press the middle part, then press the tibia muscle, top to bottom, from bottom to top, press 鎻?15 times repeatedly.

銆€銆€Then look at both eyes.

Hold the ground with your hands and make your body arched.

Then turn your neck and turn back, look around and turn around 15 times.

The essential thing is: when you look around, you are turning around, not just turning your eyes.

銆€銆€The fourth is shaking his head.

Shake the head in front, back, left and right.

So shake your head for a week and then shake it in the opposite direction.

Do 10 times left and right.

銆€銆€The last is to compete with each other.

After the palms are crossed, the palms are inserted into the neck, and the insertion is pushed forward. The neck is straight backwards, and the two forces are opposite.

In essence, the left and right heads are shaken 5 times.

Relax, stop and do it again.

Chinese medicine is very particular


Chinese medicine is very particular

The different methods of Chinese medicine are not only the needs of the disease, but also have an important effect on the curative effect. In addition to the decoction, the dosage should be taken care of, the time, the temperature, the number of times and the care after taking the medicine.

銆€銆€The time of taking the drug can improve the therapeutic effect of the drug according to the needs of the patient and the characteristics of the drug, and the best and best expected time.

In order to maintain a certain concentration of the active ingredient of the drug in the human blood, the medication should be timed.

In addition, the time of administration of different drugs is also different: drugs that are irritating to transplantation should be taken half an hour after meals; deworming drugs should be taken on an empty stomach; calming and tranquilizing drugs should be taken before bedtime;Take it at noon; stomach medicine should be taken before meals; but drugs used for digestion, accumulation, and stagnation should be taken after meals; supplemental drugs should be taken before meals; supplemental yang should be taken before lunch;Take it once in the evening; the laxative should be taken on an empty stomach; the warp medication is usually taken before or during menstruation.

Other drugs should also be taken after meals.

銆€銆€The temperature of the drug should be warm, especially for drugs that are irritating to the stomach and intestines. Warm clothes can reduce irritation, such as sputum, frankincense, and myrrh.

However, patients with vomiting or poisoning and patients with fever such as pneumonia, bronchitis, wind-heat and cold, the drug should be cold.

銆€銆€The average number of Chinese medicines can be divided into 2-3 times. The patients who suffer from the disease can take 1 time each morning and evening. Those who are in a hurry can take the medicine once every 4 hours, staying up all night, so that the medicine continues, and the disease is delayed.
For patients with vomiting or drug poisoning, the dose is not large, but it should be taken frequently.

When applying sweating and diarrhea, consider the strength of the patient’s constitution. Generally, it is necessary to sweat and have a degree of diarrhea. It is not advisable to take too much frequency.

銆€銆€After taking the medicine, the nursing suit needs to be placed in the hair. After taking the medicine, the medicine should be covered with micro-sweat, and the medicine should not be used.

Those who take sweat medicine should take all-body sweat, not sweating, to prevent sweating too much and collapse (especially for the elderly).

If you find that you don’t sweat after taking the medicine, you can add some hot water or hot porridge to help the medicine.

Do not eat sour food and cold drinks after taking sweat medicine.

Take the emetic medicine should be prescribed to the patient to tighten the belly, not to spit after taking, can use feathers or fingers to spit, then drink some warm boiled water or raw egg white.

However, if there is a spit, you can eat cold porridge or drink cold water.

銆€銆€In addition, the internal pills, powder can be swallowed with warm water.

Adding wine is to promote the promotion of this, and the service with light salt water is to introduce medicine into the kidney.

Some more specific requirements need to be directed by a doctor.