[How to make scallops with milk sauce and cheese]_Homemade recipes for scallops with milk sauce_How to make scallops with cheese and milk _How to make scallops with cheese and milk

[How to make scallops with milk sauce and cheese]_Homemade recipes for scallops with milk sauce_How to make scallops with cheese and milk _How to make scallops with cheese and milk

People are iron rice and steel, and they are too hungry for a meal, which makes sense.

But in today’s society, to verify this sentence, we have to start from the perspective of healthy eating.

What is a healthy diet?

Then you have to do it yourself.

Now, I would like to invite you to learn how to make milk cheese scallops with the editor.


After the scallops are cleaned, use a knife to cut off the scallops and dry them for use2.

121 Bring the pan to the hottest, add olive oil and flour3.

212 onion chopped, garlic pressed into garlic, parsley to separate the leaves and rods, chopped the rods finely, chopped the leaves, shred the cheese for use 4.

After the oil is hot, the scallop meat is fried for 20 seconds on each side and immediately filled out.

Turn to medium heat, sauté onion for 3 minutes until clear, and fry garlic and parsley for 6 minutes.

Fry the flour over low heat for 2 minutes until slightly yellow.

Add light cream, keep stirring to prevent clumping, and add an appropriate amount of water (about half a bowl) to boil to adjust to a suitable concentration.

The oven is preheated 200-220 degrees, and the scallops are lined up on the baking sheet. You can use tin foil to make a small pad under the shell, so it won’t turn upside down 9.

Pour the cooked cream sauce evenly over the scallops10.

Sprinkle with cheese 11.

Put it in the oven for 5 minutes until the cheese surface is golden brown. Take out and sprinkle the parsley leaves to milk the cheese and scallops. After the introduction, you should have almost the same.

Well, you can go to the kitchen now. For the family, children, and yourself, please carefully prepare this dish. This is a different kind of “mind”.

[How to make cooked butter]_ How to make _ How to make

[How to make cooked butter]_ How to make _ How to make

Cream is a very popular food. First of all, cream is delicious, but cream is also divided into many types. Generally everyone eats hand cream, because this kind of cream can be eaten directly, and animal cream will be better from the taste.Some, plant-based creams are usually purchased by her in a cake shop. Fresh cream is also called whipped cream, so there is a difference between raw and cooked cream.

Fresh cream is also divided into animal and vegetable fresh cream.

Animal-based whipped cream is made from cream or milk.

The main ingredients of fresh cream are palm oil and corn syrup. Its color comes from food coloring, and its flavor comes from artificial flavor.

Basically divided into animal butter and vegetable butter.

Animal cream is obtained separately from your aunt in milk.

Vegetable cream is made from vegetable oils such as soybeans, water, salt, and milk powder.

Taste: In terms of taste, animal butter tastes better.

Vegetable butter is the kind we usually buy in cake shops.

As a result, it is more than half less than ordinary animal cream, and the saturated fatty acid is reduced.

Fresh cream, also known as whipped cream, is a high-concentration cream separated from fresh milk and is liquid.

Cream cake materials: 250g butter, 250g sugar, 5 eggs, 250g spontaneous flour.

Whisk butter and sugar to a creamy color.


Add 1 egg and stir well.


Repeat step 2.

(Until the egg is well stirred.

) 4.

Spoonful of spontaneous flour into the batter.


Stir the batter at a moderate speed for 10 to 15 minutes.


Pour the batter into the shape.


First preheat the oven to 180 degrees.


Bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

Tip 1.

Soften the butter first.


butter-50g = spontaneous flour-50g = one egg cream puff material cream puff ingredients: water: 1/4 cup (4 tablespoons), cream: 40 g, high-gluten flour: 50 g, whole egg liquid:90 grams (2 eggs), cream pudding filling materials :, egg yolks: 2, milk: 1 cup, caster sugar: 50 grams, corn starch: 32 grams, cream: 12 grams How to make puffs: water and creamPut in a small pot, heat and boil over low heat, add the sieved high powder, stir evenly into a lump, turn off, and cool for two minutes, add the broken egg liquid, add one spoonful and one spoon, stir well before addingFor the second spoon, add all the egg liquid and mix well to make the batter. Spread a thin layer of cream on the baking sheet. Use a spoon to separate the batter into ten small piles. Be careful to leave a gap.If it sticks together, the appearance is not beautiful. Preheat the oven at 220 ° C, place it in the lower layer of the oven, and bake for about 30 minutes.

Cream pudding filling: break up the egg yolks, stir well with milk, sugar, corn starch, slowly heat with low heat, stir while heating to prevent the paste pan, turn off when the juice is thick, add cream and mix well.
Cut the baked puffs horizontally and fill in the cream pudding filling. The delicious cream puffs are ready!

Tips When baking the froth, the oven door cannot be opened halfway, which will affect the puff expansion molding. You can observe through the glass of the oven door, and the batter surface no longer has tiny blisters, indicating that it is baked.

[How to make tomato beef stew in a farmhouse]_Hometown tomato stew beef’s practice

[How to make tomato beef stew in a farmhouse]_Hometown tomato stew beef’s practice

Have you ever been scared of cancer today?

Why is the terrible disease of cancer getting closer to human beings?

Dietary factors determine the decisive role.

So, to get away from cancer, the first thing to do is to eat healthy.

And the first cloth of healthy eating, you need to make it at home.

Now let ‘s introduce the tomato stew beef 1 from the farmhouse.

Beef is the remaining braised beef 2.

Wash the tomatoes without peeling and cut into hob pieces 3.

Put half of it in the blender and beat into juice.

The other half is reserved for spare 4.

Put less oil in the pot 5.

Pour in tomato juice and cook over low heat.

Add 30 grams of sugar; 5 grams of salt; 5 grams of chicken juice 7.

Cook for 3 minutes.

Pour in stewed beef 9.

There is also the other half of tomato pieces. You can simmer for 2-3 minutes on low heat. Walking between instant noodles, fast food, and hot, have you ever worried about your health?

You know, the health of your diet plays a vital role in a person’s life.

Therefore, from now on, throw away those junk food, watch the farmhouse’s tomato stew beef, cook it to make it, then you will be the healthiest.

[Dandelion plus wolfberry soaked in water has a certain effect]_ wolfberry _ benefits

The Ganchang dynasty field is in a state of affairs, and it’s not easy to sue it._ 濂 BOR
Introduce and publish the report of the Chinese version of the papers, the Ningge song, the Chinese version, the Chinese version, the Chinese version, the Chinese version, the Chinese version, and the Chinese version.涓ょ椋熸潗鏀惧湪涓€璧锋场姘寸殑璇濆氨浼氫娇寰楀叾涓殑钀ュ吇鐗╄川鍙樺緱鏇村姞鐨勫鏉傦紝杩樺彲浠ユ湁涓€涓不鐤楀悇绉嶇柧鐥呯殑鍔熸晥锛屾瘮濡傝澶滅洸鐥囷紝杩欑鐤剧梾閫氬父閮芥槸涓嶅お瀹规槗娌诲ソ鐨勶紝浣嗘槸濡傛灉鐢ㄨ繖涓ょ鐗╄川娉℃按鏉ュ枬鐨勮瘽灏卞彲浠ュ湪涓€瀹氱▼搴︿笂闈㈠幓鍑忚交鎮h€呯殑鐥囩姸琛ㄧ幇锛岃捣鍒拌緟鍔╂不鐤楃洰鐨勩€傛槑鐩姢鐪兼灨鏉炲惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑鑳¤悵鍗滅礌銆佺淮鐢熺礌A銆佺淮鐢熺礌B1/B2鍙婂井閲忓厓绱犻挋銆侀搧绛夛紝杩欎簺鎴愬垎閮芥槸鐪肩潧蹇呴渶镄勮惀鍏荤It ‘s so sorrowful, it ‘s so beautiful, it ‘s so beautiful, it ‘s so beautiful, it ‘s so beautiful, it ‘s so beautiful.闅滐紝鎵€浠ユ灨鏉炲彾琚О涓衡€滄槑鐪煎瓙鈥濄€傘€婃湰鑽夌翰鐩€嬭杞芥灨鏉炶兘澶熷吇鑲濇槑鐩紝杩欐槸鍥犱负鏋告潪涓惈鏈夌殑鏋告潪澶氱硸鍙互闄嶄綆璋蜂笝杞皑閰讹紝鎶戝埗鑲濈粏鑳炲唴鑴傝偑娌夌Н锛屼績杩涜倽鎹熶激淇鍜岃倽缁嗚優鏂扮敓銆傛姉琛拌€佹灨鏉炰腑鎵€鍚殑鑳¤悵鍗滅礌銆佺淮鐢熺礌E銆佹灨鏉炲绯栧強榛勯叜绫诲寲鍚堢墿閮芥槸澶╃劧鎶楁哀鍖栧墏锛岃兘澶熸竻闄ょ粏鑳炰腑鐨勮嚜鐢卞熀锛岄闃茬毊鑲ょ粏绾瑰拰榛戞枒鐢熶骇锛屾湁鍔╀簬淇濇寔鑲岃偆寮规€у拰鍏夋辰锛屽欢缂撹“鑰併€傝ˉ鑲剧敓绮炬灨鏉炶嚜鍙ゆ潵灏辫鐢ㄤ綔琛ヨ偩鑹嵂銆傘€婃湰鑽夌翰鐩€嬭杞解€滄灨鏉炲瓙鐢樺钩鑰屾鼎锛屾€ф粙鑰岃ˉ鈥︹€﹁兘琛ヨ偩銆佹鼎鑲恒€佺敓绮俱€佺泭姘旓紝姝や箖骞宠ˉ涔嬭嵂鈥濓紱銆婃湰鑽夌粡鐤忋€嬫弿杩版灨鏉炴鼎鑰屾粙琛ワ紝鍏艰兘閫€鐑紝鑰屼笓浜庤ˉ鑲俱€佹鼎鑲恒€佺敓娲ャ€佺泭姘旓紝涓鸿倽鑲剧湡闃翠笉瓒炽€佸姵涔忓唴鐑ˉ鐩婁箣瑕佽嵂銆傘€婃湰鑽夋眰鐪熴€嬪垯璁拌浇鏋告潪绁涢鏄庣洰锛屽己绛嬪仴楠紝琛ョ簿澹槼銆傛灨鏉炶惀鍏绘垚鍒嗕赴瀵岋紝闄や簡瀵屽惈澶氱缁寸敓绱犲锛岃繕鍚湁閽欍€侀搧銆侀晛銆侀捑銆侀摐銆侀挔绛夊井閲忓厓绱犱互鍙?2绉嶆皑鍩洪吀锛岄暱鏈熸湇鐢ㄦ灨鏉炶兘澶熸彁楂樺厤鐤姏锛屽寮烘満浣撴姉鐥呰兘鍔涖€傞槻杈愬皠缁忓父鐢ㄧ數鑴戠殑浜哄钩鏃剁敤鏋告潪娉℃按鍠濆彲浠ラ闃茶緪灏勬墍甯︽潵鐨勮倢鑲ゅけ姘淬€佺溂鐫涘共娑╃瓑闂銆傞檷琛€绯栨湁瀹為獙琛ㄦ槑锛屾灨鏉炰腑鐨勬灨鏉炲绯栬兘澶熶慨澶嶅彈鎹熻儼宀涚粏鑳烇紝鍗囬珮琛€娓呰儼宀涚礌姘村钩锛屽叿鏈夐檷琛€绯栫殑浣滅敤銆傘€婃湰鑽夌翰鐩€嬭杞芥灨鏉炴€у钩娑﹀懗鐢橈紝鍏锋湁琛ヨ倽鐩婅偩銆佹槑鐩鼎鑲恒€佺泭姘旂敓绮剧殑鍔熸晥锛屾槸骞宠ˉ鑽潗銆傛嵁娴嬪畾锛屾瘡100g鏋告潪鍚儭钀濆崪绱?750 Huan, toilets, toilets, 1625 Huan, toilets, toilets, C48, and toilets, toilets, Huaiyin, B10.35 傣  toilets and toilets Bhuai B2 0.46. The toilet is E1.86 傣  銆 劅 喅 冋 熺 helium?6.9鍏嬨€侀捑434姣厠銆侀挔252。1 toilet, toilet 7209, toilet 96, toilet 60, toilet 60, toilet 5, fan 5.4 傣 toilet 13.25 Huan  toilet and toilet 0.87. The toilet is 1.48. The toilet is 0.98 傣  銆 潲 攲 擏 川 13.9鍏嬨€佺儫閰?傣 Toilet Gang Gang?.5鍏嬨€佺⒊姘村寲鍚堢墿64.1鍏嬨€?

Depth-Company-Guoxuan High-tech (002074): Profitability rebounded significantly in the third quarter

Depth * Company * Guoxuan Hi-Tech (002074): Profitability rebounded significantly in the third quarter

The company released the third quarter report for 2019 and realized non-profit deduction4.

The company is expected to benefit from the recovery in iron and lithium demand and maintain an increase in holdings.

Key points of support level The company’s third quarterly report achieved non-profit deductions4.

09 million yuan, an increase of 2% in ten years: the company released the 2019 third quarter report, the first three quarters achieved operating income of 51.

52 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

75%, achieving a profit of 5.

78 ppm, a decrease 重庆耍耍网 of 12 per year.

25%, realized non-profit deduction4.

09 million yuan, an increase of ten years.

02%; of which in the third quarter a single quarter achieved operating income of 15.

45 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

68%, down 16 from the previous month.

70%, realized profit 2.

27 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

22%, an increase of 51.

19%, realized non-profit deduction1.

1.7 billion, down 14 a year.

13%, an increase of 1.


The profitability of the single quarter in the third quarter clearly rebounded: the company’s gross profit margin was 30 in the first three quarters.

80%, falling by 2 every year.

33 averages, including a single quarter gross margin of 33 in the third quarter.

80%, increase by 1 every year.

70 averages, up 4 from the previous quarter.

79 units; the company’s net interest rate in the first three quarters was 11.

18%, down 4 each year.

88 averages, of which the single quarter net interest rate in the third quarter was 14.

60%, increase by 1 every year.

72 units, up 6 from the previous month.

59 uniforms.

The company’s period expense ratio was 20 in the first three quarters.

87%, an increase of 2 per year.

There are 71 single ones, in which the selling expense ratio drops every 0.

84 up to 3.

88%, the management expense rate drops by 1 every year.

19 up to 5.

25%, and the R & D expense ratio will increase by 2 in the short term.

95 averages to 8.26%, the financial expense ratio increased by one in ten years.

79 up to 3.


The net cash of the company’s operating activities in the first three quarters may decrease.

7.4 billion, a net decrease of 3 in the same period last year.

150,000 yuan has deteriorated.

The convertible bonds were reviewed and approved by the CSRC: The company intends to issue convertible corporate bonds with raised funds not exceeding 18.

USD 500 million for power lithium battery industrialization projects, Guoxuan Nanjing 15GWh power battery system production line and supporting construction projects (Phase 5GWh), Lujiang Guoxuan New Energy 2GWh power lithium battery industrialization project.

The company’s convertible bonds were reviewed and approved by the CSRC, which helped the company’s capacity expansion.

It is estimated that under the current equity, according to the company’s three quarterly report and industry conditions, we will adjust the company’s 2019-2021 earnings to zero.



81 yuan (the original forecast of future returns was 0.



88 yuan), corresponding to a market surplus of 19.



2 times, maintaining the overweight level.

The main risks faced by the rating are that the demand for new energy vehicles has fallen short of expectations, and market development has fallen short of expectations; price competition has exceeded expectations.

Foster (603806) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Q3 performance slightly exceeds expectations

Foster (603806) 2019 Third Quarterly 苏州夜网论坛 Report Review-Q3 performance slightly exceeds expectations
The company’s third-quarter 2019 performance slightly exceeded expectations. PV film volume and price rose to become the main force of profit growth. The new materials business is expected to become an increase in future performance; it raised its 2019-2021 net profit forecast to 7.9/9.1/10.7 trillion, corresponding to EPS 1.50/1.74/2.06 yuan, corresponding to PE 27/24/20 times, given a target price of 45 yuan (corresponding to 30 times PE in 2019), maintaining the “overweight” level. Q3 results were slightly better than expected, and cash flow continued to improve.The company achieved revenue of 45 in 2019Q1-3.910,000 yuan (ten years +34.60%), net profit attributable to mother 5.920,000 yuan (ten years +70.80%); of which Q3 achieved revenue of 16.1.2 billion yuan (+31 a year.93%), net profit attributable to mother 1.940 thousand yuan (ten years +58.98%), performance growth slightly exceeded expectations.In 2019Q1-3, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 19.72% (decade -0.04pcts), profitability is stable; expenses during the period 6.91% (decade -0.33pcts), where the sales / management / financial expense ratios are 1.77% / 4.90% / 0.24% (decade +0.06 / -0.53 / + 0.14pcts), the cost control ability is steadily optimized; the operating net cash flow is 1.750,000 yuan (ten years +203.47%), and the ability to collect funds continued to improve. The volume and price of photovoltaic adhesive film went up, the cost stabilized, and it became the main force for performance growth.2019Q1-3, the company’s photovoltaic film sales in each quarter were 1.98/1.57/1.9.2 billion square meters (previously +48.00% / + 12.32% / + 30.17%); benefiting from the price increase of conventional products and the increase in the proportion of high value-added white film and POE film, the average price rose to 7.52 yuan / square meter (in the past +4.30%, +0.94%), Q3 revenue increased to 14.42 trillion (decade +35.89%). Drive the volume and price of film business.At the same time, the purchase price of EVA resin, the main raw material of the company’s Q3 film, slightly replaced 11.60 yuan / kg (ten years-0.(09%), with less pressure on the cost side and a steady improvement in profitability. Backplane sales have grown steadily and business scale has remained stable.The company’s backplane sales in each quarter of 2019Q1-3 were 1028/1440 / 12.3 million square meters (ten years +16.55% / + 42.51% / + 8.25%); as the main raw material PET price replaced 10.40 yuan / kg (ten years -14.12%), and the market continues to compete, the company’s Q3 backplane unit price replaced 10.39 yuan / square meter (-9.73%), corresponding to income 1.2.8 billion (-2.30%), it is expected that the backplane business is expected to remain stable in the future. Leverage technical expertise to expand new materials business.The company’s advanced functional film material production technology experience has steadily advanced the construction of new materials projects such as photosensitive dry film, FCCL and aluminum plastic film. We have ushered in the phase of capacity transfer, batch 南京桑拿论坛 replacement and customer introduction, and gradually copied the path of photovoltaic EVA import substitution, opening upThe new 30 billion business market space creates new performance growth points. Risk factors: PV development is worse than expected; product prices have fallen sharply; the company’s capacity release has fallen short of expectations. Investment suggestion: The company’s EVA film volume and price are rising at the same time to promote performance growth slightly higher than expected, raise the 2019-2021 net profit forecast to 7.9/9.1/10.7 ppm (previous forecast 7).5/8.3/9.80,000 yuan), the corresponding EPS is 1.50/1.74/2.06 yuan, corresponding to PE 27/24/20 times, giving a target price of 45 yuan (corresponding to 30 times PE in 2019), maintaining the “overweight” level

Suning Tesco (002024): In January, it operated well in multiple scenarios and coordinated with all channels

Suning Tesco (002024): In January, it operated well in multiple scenarios and coordinated with all channels
The company did well in January, especially Carrefour and online.Focus on social operations online, franchise stores explore the low-line market, acquire Carrefour to 南京桑拿网 continue to complement the non-electricity business layout, and cooperate with different business formats to make joint investment suggestions: The company operated well in January, especially Carrefour and online.The company’s multi-category, omni-channel, and full-scenario development advantages continue to be highlighted, focusing on social operations online, franchise stores exploring the low-line market, and acquiring Carrefour to continue to complement the non-electricity business layout, and cooperation in different formats.  Taking into account the deterioration of Q4, the EPS for 2019 is reduced to 1.2 (-0.24) Yuan, maintaining EPS of 2020-2021 at 0.24/0.33 yuan.Maintain target price of 14.21 yuan and “overweight” grade. Offline Carrefour and small stores are operating well, and high growth is maintained online.The company’s sales in January and the Spring Festival are good. Although the epidemic situation has affected the sales of offline appliances, the total retail cloud and stores are basically the same as in January 2019; however, it has only driven the rapid growth of supermarket sales. It is expected that Carrefour’s revenue will increase by about 20%.The store was adjusted in December, and currently has about 3,000 stores, which is expected to increase by 50% during the Spring Festival.The online sector maintained rapid growth in January, with DAU increasing by approximately 50% per year, and the sales of low-priced goods increased rapidly. Quick response, quick adjustment to the epidemic situation, and supplement social responsibility.The company set up an epidemic command team to work 24 hours a day during the Spring Festival. The livelihood stores maintained normal operations. It established a national material procurement command center, purchased a large number of epidemic prevention supplies from Europe, Japan and South Korea, and opened sales of epidemic prevention products online. Actively promote the live broadcast work to provide users with health.And defense knowledge; to ensure logistics and distribution, Carrefour achieves one hour delivery. All channels and all scenes go hand in hand.The company’s omni-channel and all-scenario advantages are significant. After the acquisition of Carrefour, it has been transformed and empowered with significant results. At the same time, it has formed a good synergy with small stores and online. In the future, the company’s multi-format and full-scenario synergy will continue to stand out.

Foods to avoid in patients with bronchial hypertension

Foods to avoid in patients with bronchial hypertension

The diet of asthma patients should be cold and appropriate, not too cold or too much.

When the human body digests food, in addition to stomach acid, bile and other digestive fluids, proteases, trace amounts and amylases are also required. To fully play its role in promoting digestion, various enzymes must have a suitable temperature.When the temperature is approximately the same as the temperature of the human body, various digestive enzymes function most fully.

Therefore, digestive function should be normal. First, you should pay attention to the temperature of the food you eat is about the same as your body temperature.

  Patients with hypertension, especially children and elderly patients, are weak and have weak spleen and stomach functions. Eating cold foods can cause slow peristalsis of implantation, leading to indigestion, decreased appetite, and decreased physical fitness.

  Excessive diet can cause paroxysmal cough and induce hypertension.

Cultivate your baby’s strong psychological qualities

Cultivate your baby’s strong psychological qualities

Emotional intelligence refers to non-intellectual factors, which is the psychological quality that people often say.

If a person is lonely, weird, and difficult to cooperate; inferiority, fragility, can not face frustration; irritability, arrogance, emotional fluctuations, etc., these are all manifestations of insufficient emotional intelligence, even if his intelligence is high, it is difficult to improveAchievement, so emotional intelligence is the key to one’s success.

Although EQ has some congenital genetic factors, it is more important that it develops the day after tomorrow.

So how to cultivate your child’s emotional intelligence from a young age?

  First, there is a story about educating children to learn survivability. It is about a group of children on the cliffs in the mountains who lost their way and spent a terrible night in the distance. They cried hopelessly, “Someone will never find us anymore.Said a child, crying in despair, “We will die here.

“However, 11-year-old Yvre stepped forward.” I don’t want to die! ”

“She is firm,” my dad said. As long as the stream is going, the stream will take us to a stream of the route, and eventually you will meet a small town.

I’m going to transform the stream and you can follow me.

“As a result, they were successfully out of the forest under the introduction of Evry.

Maybe some people think that girls like Yvre are born with talents, in fact, talents are not born, thanks to the education of his father.

At present, western countries, including Japan in East Asia, attach great importance to children’s survival education. Since the children are sensible, they have taught them how to learn to survive and become independent. They have fallen to their own feet, learned to eat, organize their own things, and know what circumstancesHow to protect yourself, etc.

  Second, cultivate endurance and self-control. Psychologists have done such an experiment. The kindergarten teacher gave each child a piece of sugar and told them: “Eat now, just give one piece. If you can endure it for an hour, you can eat it.One more reward.

“The results of subsequent follow-up surveys show that the success rate of those who can tolerate is much higher than the children who cannot tolerate.

This is called the delayed effect, or delayed satisfaction in psychology.

Many children have troubles, lack of will and patience, and have little success in their careers when they grow up.

So how to cultivate children’s endurance?

For example, when a young child is anxious to drink milk, don’t satisfy him immediately, make him cry for a while, and slowly talk to him, pat his back, and then feed him, the patience time gradually increases, from a few seconds to a fewMinutes; for children who spend their pocket money quickly every time, parents can say: “If you can hold back pocket money for a week, you can double it next week, you can save up and buy the big things you needAlready.

“If the child encounters difficulties, the parents should not help him immediately, or encourage him to persevere, and endure the unhappiness brought by the setbacks, and he will succeed soon.

  Third, more contact with the society, some parents who have seen the world rarely let their children go out, worrying about this.

When a child sees a baby, he cries and hides. He grows sensitive and shrinks when he grows up.

Some children are selfish and lack a sense of solidarity, so there are very few friends. When they grow up, they will also be affected by the tension of interpersonal relationships, which will affect their ability.

Therefore, when the child is understanding, let him adapt to the new environment, encourage the timid child to contact more people, or take the initiative to stand up and answer the questions raised by the teacher. This process is also called desensitization.

Without giving the child a chance, his adaptive ability will not sprout naturally.

  Fourth, cultivate curiosity and exploration spirit, but the child is passively accepting external stimuli, and gradually curious about everything around them, they want to try to feel, see, and even disassemble the toys into pieces. This is oneThis expression of curiosity is also an important way to acquire knowledge and skills.

If a parent doesn’t let his child move, not only will he lose his chance to learn, but he will also be killed. If you want to get him interested in doing something in the future, he won’t bother to move.

The correct method should be that the parents explain patiently to the children and adolescents, or run him together to play.

  Fifth, let the child use more brains. A boy ca n’t climb the first step of the slide because of his short legs. He begged his mother to hold him (to be continued), and his mother told him: “You have a solution.
The little boy thought for a moment: “Drag my trolley there and stand up.

“Good, go, boy.

“Mother said.

The little boy started, and everything became easy.

There are certain things in life. As long as we pay attention to them, we will always come up with many solutions to problems, so we must cultivate the habit of thinking hard.

  6. Cultivate self-confidence and ability to face frustration A 12-year-old child who is very promising in gymnastics came to see the head coach. The head coach did not immediately let her perform gymnastics, but gave her 4 darts and asked her to project to the office.Opposite the target.

The little girl was timid and moral: “What if you miss it?

“The coach told her:” You should think of success, not failure.

“The little girl practiced repeatedly and finally succeeded.

Therefore, in life, you should tell your children that when you do anything, you must first think of success, not failure, and people who believe in their success can succeed.

  Seventh, protect the child’s self-esteem. It is inevitable for a child to do something wrong or something bad. Don’t always count on the child: “Why are you so disobedient!”This one can’t move, that one can’t move.”

This will hurt the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Don’t be afraid that the child’s mischief will give you trouble, but think about what is good for the child’s psychological growth, because the mental health of young children mainly means that their reasonable needs and desires are met.

A good psychological state caused by emotional and social aspects.

Parents should also refrain from simple and rude methods of education.

If you really do n’t want your child to play with something, you should divert your child ‘s interest in a distracting way.

  8. Encouraging and supporting children’s growth is not easy. There are successes and failures, and even unrealistic illusions.

In the face of difficulties and frustrations, encouragement and support are even more important. Never throw cold water.

Although their dreams are so strange to you, you should be pleased that they have constant fantasy power, which is the mentor of creation.

  Nine, cultivate children to respect others, unite the sense of friendship and cooperation. Society is a crowd. Anything cannot be achieved by one person alone. It is necessary to have the power of the masses. This requires us to learn to deal with different people.Can learn from each other.

Parents must cultivate their children’s awareness of cooperation with others, train their children’s cooperative behavior, and increase their children’s ability to cooperate.

This must first learn to respect others and be good at uniting and disagreeing with others.

  A good psychological quality manifests as follows: young children are satisfied with themselves, their emotions are lively and happy, they can adapt to the surrounding environment, their interpersonal relationships are friendly and harmonious, and their personal intelligence is fully exerted and exerted.

Dear parents, do your children possess these qualities?

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