Goldwind Technology (002202) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Gross Margin Turning Point Has Now Turned into Volume and Price Cycle

Goldwind Technology (002202) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Gross Margin Turning Point Has Now Turned into Volume and Price Cycle
Matters: On October 25, the company released three quarterly reports, reporting that the two companies realized operating income of 247.350,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.84%; net profit attributable to mother 15 was achieved.91 ‰, 34 from the previous decade.24%, corresponding to EPS.37 yuan / share; net profit after deduction is 14.29 ppm, 37-year average.91%; company performance is in line with expectations. Comment: 5245MW fan radiator, large-scale trend is clear.In the first three quarters, the company achieved energy saving of 5245MW, an increase of about 50% in one year.Spin-off viewing: 2398 platform launched 3398MW, accounting for 64.8%, intermediate level 3 reported.9 units; 2.The 5S platform launched 1,156MW, accounting for 22%, which was an increase of 1 quarter-on-quarter.3 in one; 3S platform is rated at 506MW, accounting for 9.7%, an increase of 2 quarter-on-quarter.1 single; 6S platform achieves a scale of 123MW, accounting for 2.4%, an increase of 1 unit from the interim report.In terms of hand orders, 2,5S batch orders have a capacity of 9.7GW, accounting for 42%, an increase of 20 percentage points, becoming the most important platform segment; 3S order quantity 5.8GW, accounting for 26%, and 18 units are upgraded each year. As wind power has gradually entered the parity stage, onshore wind turbines have gradually moved from 2S platforms to 2.5S and 3S platforms are excessive, the trend of large-scale is clear, and manufacturing and power generation costs will be significantly reduced. Orders in hand hit new highs, and bidding volumes continued to rise.As of the end of the third quarter, the company’s external orders on hand were 23513MW, an increase of 25 each year.1%.Judging from the amount of bids, the total bids for domestic fans in the first three quarters49.9GW, an increase of 109% per year; of which 17 were tendered in the third quarter.6GW, a year-on-year increase of 144%, an increase of 0 from Q2.2GW, continued to maintain a high level.Looking at the bidding price, since the price of wind turbines bottomed in August 2018, the bidding price of wind turbines has continued to rise, and 2MW has increased from a low of 3196 yuan / kW in August last year to 3536 yuan / kW in June, an increase of 10.64%.2.5MW increased from the lowest point of 3330 yuan / kW in August last year to 3898 yuan / kW in September, an increase of 17.06%.3MW units increased from 3,603 yuan / kW in June this year to 3,900 yuan / kW in September, an increase of 8.twenty four%.It is expected that the bidding price of wind turbines will continue to pick up gradually, and the company’s execution of orders next year will enter a stage of rising volume and price. It is stable in the wind field and the structure is continuously optimized.At the end of the third quarter, the company ‘s self-operated wind farm’s equity installed capacity gradually connected to the grid was 4596MW, which was basically stable from the previous quarter.Among them, 34% are located in the northwest region, which decreases by 4 percentage points every year; 34% are located in the north China region; 21% are located in the east and south regions.The company continues to optimize the distribution of wind farm resources through the sale and supplementary layout.The company’s domestic equity capacity under construction is 1390MW; international capacity under construction is 1,224MW; both domestic and international wind farms are in an accelerated deployment period.In terms of power generation, the company’s self-operated wind farm’s standard operating hours for parity in the first three quarters were 1,645 hours, which was 126 hours (+7) higher 南宁桑拿 than the industry average.66%).Achieve power generation 59.2.3 billion kWh, an increase of 2% per year. It is expected that through the accelerated development of the company’s wind farm, the company’s power generation profits will continue to grow. Upgrade the company’s rating to “Strong Push”.The inflection point for the gross profit margin of the wind turbine business already exists. Against the background of rush installation, we expect the company’s wind turbine business to usher in an upward trend next year, with both volume and price rising.We raise the company’s net profit forecast for the mother to 2019-2021 to 27.95 ppm / 45.4.2 billion / 55.5.3 billion (original value of 33.45 billion / 44.3.8 billion / 58.6.1 billion), the corresponding EPS is 0.66 yuan / 1.07 yuan / 1.31 yuan, taking into account the estimated level of 20 times the manufacturing end and the company’s power generation business, we give the company 16 times the estimate in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 17.12 yuan / share, raised to “strong push” level. Risk warning: The installed demand is lower than expected, and the gross profit margin is lower than expected.

[How to make baby head tofu fish head soup]_Homemade method of baby head tofu fish head soup_How to make baby head tofu fish head soup_How to make baby head tofu fish head soup

[How to make baby head tofu fish head soup]_Homemade method of baby head tofu fish head soup_How to make baby head tofu fish head soup_How to make baby head tofu fish head soup

As long as you live, you have to eat.

And if you want to live longer, you have to eat better.

In order to eat better, you must first get rid of the bad habit of eating takeaway.

Every day in the future, it is best to cook for yourself.

If you don’t, now I will teach you how to make baby dish with tofu and fish head soup.


1 After the oil is hot, add the fish head and fry the fish head a bit golden.


2 First use ginger to brush one in the pot, so that the fish head will not stick to the pot.

Then add about 30G of oil 3.

After frying the fish head, pour 500ml of water. If the water does not pass the fish head, add more.

After the fire has boiled, switch to medium heat and cook for 10 minutes.

(Add a lid when cooking) You can see the soup as white as milk!


After the soup is cooked, add tofu and baby food, and use a low heat, otherwise the soup will become very little.

The cooking time depends on my personal preference.

I prefer to eat soft baby dishes, so it takes longer to cook.

Remember to add a shell when cooking.


After the vegetables are softened, you can add salt and pepper. After testing the taste, you can add coriander and add sesame oil.

That’s it!

That’s it for today’s introduction. I don’t know if you learned the method of baby dish tofu fish head soup?

So as long as you follow the steps of the editor, you will be successful. Come on!

[Dried Chili Chicken]_Dried Chili Chicken_How to Make_How

[Dried Chili Chicken]_Dried Chili Chicken_How to Make_How

Dried Spicy Chicken is a Chinese food with a variety of colors and flavors. It is a type of Sichuan cuisine. It contains more peppers than chicken, so it is suitable for some people who like spicy food. BelowDescribe the practice.


Ingredients: 1 chicken (chop smaller pieces); 2.

Ingredients: 1 dried chili, 1 star anise, 1 tablespoon pepper, 1 segment of green onion, 6 slices of ginger, 4 garlic; 1 tablespoon of fresh soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, 1/2 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar;

Method: Heat oil, add dried peppers, star anise, peppercorns, small fire fragrant incense until the color of the pepper becomes dark, so that the spicy flavor is fully released.

Add the shallots, ginger, and garlic and stir-fry until fragrant.


Pour in the chicken nuggets and stir fry until you can hear the popping sound of frying.

During the frying process, the chicken pieces will produce some water, so it is necessary to fry repeatedly with patience until all the water is stir-fried and dried until the chicken pieces come out of oil.


Add salt, cooking wine, and stir-fry over medium heat until the chicken nuggets are bright and dry. Add soy sauce and a little sugar.


Stir-fry until the chicken pieces are all colored and there is a spicy and sweet taste. Then turn off the heat.

(5 and 6 are the key to the taste of chicken, stir-fry over medium heat)

Sinopharm (600511): The semi-annual report performance is significantly higher than expected

Sinopharm (600511): The semi-annual report performance is significantly higher than expected

Event: The company’s semi-annual report was announced, and the performance growth rate exceeded expectations.

H1 revenue in 2019 was 210.

2.2 billion, an increase of 11 in ten years.

99%, net profit attributable to mother realized 7.

55 ppm, an 18-year increase.

66%, deducting non-attributed mother 7.

2.8 billion, an annual increase of 14.

64%, the basic EPS achieves 0.

9872 yuan / share, an increase of 19 in ten years.

05%, the company’s net cash flow from operating activities 6.

910,000 yuan, an increase of 34 in ten years.


The speed-up effect of Q2 was obvious, and the income reached 109.

7.3 billion (13.

82% +), net profit attributable to mother realized 4.

6.8 billion (22.

85% +), deducting non-return to mother 4.

4.3 billion (16.

09% +), which are 3 higher than Q1.杭州夜网

8 tablets, 10 tablets

4, 3


Business transformation is setting off, driving the company’s growth faster than expected.

(1) Commercial distribution segment: 19H1 achieved revenue of 205.

09 billion, an increase of 12 in ten years.

6%, an increase of 4 faster than 18 years.


4pct, mainly benefited from the increase in the market share in Beijing, the rapid growth of the fine linen, equipment, and community sectors and the optimization of the variety structure.

In the first half of the year, the company strengthened the import of new products, new dating Eisai Haiwei (treatment of diabetes), Huaxi botulinum toxin, Pfizer Renjie, Beifu increased new specifications; innovative drugs expanded 15 varieties; (2) specialty drug business:The company’s narcotics business has entered the “marijuana” model. The narcotics distribution is expected to achieve a growth rate of more than 20% in the first half of the year, and the primary distribution market will always maintain a market share of more than 80%. In the narcotics industry, the equity-owned subsidiary Yichang Renfu achieved net profit 4.99 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

7%, the expected contribution of refined linen (distribution + industry) accounted for 40% of the profit; (3) industrial sector: accelerate the transformation work.

Affected by the two-vote system, Guorui Pharmaceutical achieved revenue in 19H1.

62 ppm, a decrease of 12 per year.

8%, net profit of 26.55 million yuan, an annual increase of 10%; (4) device business: increase expansion efforts, the device segment is expected to achieve 20% + growth rate in the first half of the year; (5) community hospitals: direct sales business actively develop community innovative servicesIt is expected that the community hospital will achieve a 20% growth rate in the first half of the year.

Subsidiaries accelerated business adjustments and continued to improve performance.

The reorganization and integration of the company’s 19-year H1 performance improved significantly. State-controlled Beijing achieved revenue and net profit of 58 respectively.

7.5 billion (10.

3% +), 1.

3.8 billion (37.
2% +), mainly due to the high-speed growth of community hospitals and the “4 + 7” collectively-approved variety agency authorization, which further expands its advantages in pure sales in Beijing; State-controlled Tianxing achieved revenue and net profit29 respectively.
1.9 billion (14.

0% +), 90.05 million yuan (59.

3% +), mainly due to the improvement of the variety structure, the increase in the development of the equipment field and the active adjustment under policy changes.

Actively respond to the “4 + 7” centralized procurement and grasp the market potential of new drug launches.

According to the semi-annual report, the company currently ranks first among the 40 product regulations collected in Beijing, with 35 product specifications for distribution authorization; it has cooperated with Shanghai Anbisheng and Zhejiang Jingxin regional bidders to obtain montelukast sodium.Tablets, Rosuvastatin Calcium Tablets (10mg) Exclusive distribution qualification in Beijing.

In the first half of the year, 123 approved product regulations (including innovative drugs and generic drugs) have been approved, and the company has realized 42 cooperation, bringing incremental growth to the company.

Expenses were well controlled, cash flow improved significantly, and the decline in financing interest rates was positive for the commercial circulation sector.

H1 sales expense ratio was 2 in the first half of the year.

29%, a decline of 0 per year.

49pct, the overhead rate is 0.

87%, a decrease of 0 every year.

19pct, financial expense ratio is 0.

30%, a decline of 0 every year.

19pc, financial expenses 19H1 was 62.49 million yuan, a decrease of 31 over the previous year.

55%, mainly due to the reduction in bank loans and financing rates.

Accounts receivable turnover days 86.

55 days, estimated to decrease by 3 in the same period last year.

84 days, the shortening of the accounting period and the optimization of collection management led to a marked improvement in cash flow, and the company’s net cash flow from operating activities.

91 trillion, an increase of 34 over last year.


Investment recommendation: Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price of 29.

25 yuan.

We expect the company’s revenue growth to be 11 in 2019-2021.

3%, 10.

7%, 10.

9%, net profit growth rate was 6 respectively.

1%, 15.

4%, 10.

9%; give Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price is 29.

25 yuan, equivalent to 15 times the dynamic price-earnings ratio in 2019.

Risk Warning: Lower than expected lower financing costs; lower-than-expected improvement in cash flow; lower-than-expected completion of subsidiary performance

Hengdian Dongci (002056) Annual Report Review: Acquisition of Chengji Electronics Extends Magnetic Materials Industry

Hengdian Dongci (002056) Annual Report Review: Acquisition of Chengji Electronics Extends Magnetic Materials Industry

Investment Highlights: The company announced the 2018 annual report.

The company achieved operating income of 64 in 2018.

8.9 billion yuan, an increase of 3%; net profit attributable to mothers6.

8.9 billion, the company intends to distribute a cash dividend1 for every 10 shares.

47 yuan (including tax).

In the 2018 annual report, the company set its operating goals for 2019, and aims to achieve sales revenue of 71 in 2019.

2.2 billion, an increase of 10%, to achieve net profit attributable to mother 7.

310,000 yuan, an increase of 6%.

Acquired Chengji Electronics to extend the magnetic materials industry.

The company announced in November 2018 with its own funds4.

5 billion acquisition of Dongyang Dongci Chengji Electronics Co., Ltd.

Chengji Electronics is a leading domestic manufacturer of vibration motors, with sales of vibration motors reaching 1 in 2017.

500 million, accounting for 30% of national sales and 12% of global sales.


Sales of vibration motors are expected to reach 2 in 2018.

200 million, accounting for about 51% of national sales and about 18 of global sales.


The major customers of Chengji Electronics are mobile phone terminal suppliers such as Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, LG and mobile ODM 成都桑拿网 factories such as Wingtech and Zhongnuo.

Sincere Electronics promises that the sum of its incremental net profit for 2018-2020 will not be less than 12002.

150,000 yuan.

We believe that the acquisition will be conducive to the synergy of the company’s magnetic materials business and support the development of the magnetic materials industry.

The repurchase demonstrates the confidence of leaders.

The company announced the repurchase of shares in December 2018 with an amount of not less than 1.

5 trillion, not more than 3 trillion, the repurchase price does not exceed 10 yuan / share.

As of February 28, 2019, the company gradually repurchased 1098 through centralized bidding.

230,000 shares, with a total transaction amount of 62.17 million yuan and a maximum transaction price of 5.

84 yuan / share, the lowest transaction price is 5.

46 yuan / share.

The repurchased shares will be used as stock sources for the implementation of equity incentive plans or employee stock ownership plans in the early and later stages.

The repurchase action reflects the confidence of company leaders in the development of the company.

The magnetic materials business has made steady progress.

The company’s output of soft magnetic materials in 20171.

8 In nominal terms, the domestic market share is about 8%.

In 2018, there was an overall steady increase, and the increase mainly came from the automotive electronics and wireless charging fields.

In terms of gross profit margin, soft magnetics are around 30%, and the output of permanent magnetic materials in 2017 was 10.

7 is the highest, with a domestic market share of 13%. Permanent growth remained stable in 2018.

Revenue of the plastic magnetic industry has grown rapidly, with a growth of more than 30% in the past two or three years. High-end products can be used in automotive sensors. The company expects future growth to be expected.

Profit forecast and rating.The company is a leader in the magnetic materials industry.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

46, 0.

50 and 0.

56 yuan / share, considering the company’s historical expected level and the scope of industry competition, the company is given a 20-25 times 2019 price-earnings ratio, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 9.


50 yuan, previous market rating.

risk warning.

The operating environment of the photovoltaic industry has deteriorated, and the impact of the trade war on the company’s overseas sales has increased.

Construction Machinery (600984): Interim report noticed that the cycle exceeded expectations

Construction Machinery (600984): Interim report noticed that the cycle exceeded expectations

Event: The company announced today that net profit attributable to mothers will be realized in the first half of 20191.

8.8 billion, an increase of 217 before.


This comment is as follows: 1. The company’s semi-annual performance broke out and gradually realized the logic of high growth!

In terms of volume, the company’s equipment purchase rate continued to increase in the first half of the year, and the purchase amount increased by 32% compared with the same period of last year. In terms of equipment utilization rate, the equipment utilization rate remained at 78 in six months.

High level of 5%, averaged 66 in the first half.

Looking at the rental price, the unit price index for the new year in the first half of this year remains at 1500-1600 points on the central platform, and the average annual price is around 1350 points, which is about 30% higher than the same period last year.

The “volume” and “price” rose, driving the company’s revenue to increase by 50% and profit by 218%!

2. The company’s accelerated removal of tumors was initially verified.

Interim report ‘s beautiful performance gradually eliminated market concerns, and the company ‘s historical issues were effectively controlled. It was gradually seen from last year ‘s annual report that most of the historical problems of Tiancheng and the headquarters have been resolved.The scale has increased significantly, and the operational growth is expected to be reversed.

3. Continue to be optimistic about the company’s future development prospects for a number of reasons: a. The company will continue to maintain a high growth trend in the next few years.

Judging from the performance of the main source of profit, the subsidiary Pangyuan Leasing, it has maintained a high growth rate in recent years. Among them, the compound growth rate of revenue for 2015-2018 was 32% and the compound growth rate of profit was 48%.合肥夜网Strategic planning and industry prosperity, we expect the company is expected to maintain a high growth trend of 30% -50%!

b. The company’s performance cycle attributes are weak.

Tower crane leasing corresponds to the stock market, with large space and good stability, and the leader who has grown through the cycle of baptism is trying to continue to surpass the development of the industry.

Judging from historical data, the company’s performance in 2014-2016, which is the worst in the industry, can continue to grow, reflecting the company’s replacement of the ability to resist the cycle change!

c. The company’s development has industrial logic.

The company’s main growth point is prefabricated buildings. We conduct a classified research on the prefabricated building industry chain. Its development trend exceeds our 重庆耍耍网 expectations. Industry insiders judge that the industry’s high prosperity can be maintained for at least 3-5 years.Looking forward to rebuilding a tower crane rental industry.

Performance forecast and forecast: Based on the growth of the forecast growth, the company’s net profit attributable to the mother in 19-20 is increased to 4.

800 million / 700 million / 9.

500 million, corresponding to PE is 15 times / 11 times / 8 times!

Give “Buy” rating . Risk warning: Macroeconomic sentiment drops sharply, infrastructure real estate investment falls short of expectations

Supor (002032): Short-term sales pressure does not change long-term value repurchase highlights participant confidence

Supor (002032): Short-term sales pressure does not change long-term value repurchase highlights participant confidence
[Investment Highlights]The company released its 2019 interim results, and the company achieved operating income of 98H1 in 2019.3.6 billion, an increase of 10 years.15%; net profit attributable to mother 8.38 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.35%. In Q2 2019, the company realized revenue 43.63 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.09%; realized net profit attributable to mother 3.23 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.62%.Performance is in line with expectations.In addition, the company’s interim report plans to pay dividends to all shareholders for every 10 shares2.58 yuan (including tax), the total dividend amount is about 2.12 ppm and dividend payout ratio of 25.30%, corresponding to an index rate of 0.36%. The company’s operation is stable, and its market share has increased to consolidate its leading position.The company’s H1 and Q2 revenue and performance 返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查 growth both increased by more than 10%, compared with the industry size 2 in the first half of the year.The 7% growth rate is commendable. By region, the company’s domestic sales revenue was 76 in the first half of the year.5.2 billion, a growth rate of 11.The apparent growth of 24% was dragged down by the weak domestic demand for prolonged printing, and decreased from a high base in the same period last year; export sales benefited from the transfer of revenue from SEB export orders of approximately 21.8.4 billion, a growth rate of 10.86%.In terms of products, the income from cookers reached 30.70 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.50%; appliances realized income 67.1.4 billion, an annual increase of 12.45%; The growth rate of new appliances in the kitchen of the new business exceeds 30%.In addition, the company’s market share of some products has further increased, and the total share of the nine major electrical categories has increased by zero.5pct, 30 major cities in the 6 major cookware categories have expanded and increased by 2 in total.1pct, continue to consolidate the company’s leading areas and leading advantages. The gross profit margin of the main product categories expanded downwards, and the increase in the growth rate of domestic sales drove the overall gross profit margin down, and the expenses were properly controlled during the period.2019H1 company gross profit margin 30.85% zero for one year.28 points, by category, the gross profit margin of cookware is 34.88%, 0 years ago.54 points; appliance gross margin 29.01%, 0 years ago.09 points.We believe that the decline in the growth rate of domestic sales revenue, which is mainly due to higher gross profit margins, is a drag on the overall gross profit margin.In terms of expenses, the H1 company’s sales / management / financial expense ratios were changed to 0.57/0.23/0.35 points.The impact of changes in the hypertension rate of the subsidiaries in this period amounted to 442.60,000 yuan, resulting in a return to the net profit growth rate slightly higher than the profit growth rate. The cash flow was slightly under pressure in the short term, and the bank was reasonably controlled to improve operating efficiency.In the first half of the year, the company’s net operating cash flow was replaced.87%, mainly because the company relaxed its support for dealers’ credit granting, and at the same time, accounts receivable and bills were extended by 20%.60% of the material can be corroborated.Inventories are reduced by 14 each year.88%, a decrease of 31 from the previous month.20%, indicating that the company’s turnover is accelerating and inventory control is reasonable. Expansion of water heater business seeks new growth momentum, and repurchase highlights significant confidence.The company plans to invest 52 million yuan to establish a joint venture with the group to develop a water heater business, with a 52% stake. The company’s product range will gradually develop from kitchen appliances to kitchen appliances, and actively seek new growth momentum.In addition, the company plans to use its own funds3.01-6.20 trillion repo 410.56-821.120,000 shares, corresponding to a total share capital of 0.5% -1.0%, the repurchase price does not exceed 75.48 yuan / share, showing the leaders’ confidence in the long-term benign operation of the company. [Investment suggestion]We believe that the company’s internal sales are expected to continue to grow steadily through category expansion and market share increase. The overseas market will continue to rely on the SEB Group’s continued expansion. In the short term, the company will continue to benefit from reduced tax rates and dividends and raw materialsPrice downside bonus, high-end brands will further enrich the company’s brand matrix after acceptance, and product structure optimization will continue to contribute to gross profit margin. It is estimated that the company’s operating income for 2019/2020/2021 will be 203 respectively.68/234.06/269.2.8 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 19.83/23.27/27.3.7 billion, with EPS of 2.42/2.85/3.33 yuan, corresponding to PE 30/26/22 times, maintaining the “overweight” level. [Risk Warning]Raw material price fluctuations; RMB exchange rate fluctuations; export orders are growing less than expected.

Sexy chocolate skin temptations this summer

Sexy chocolate skin temptations this summer

Pursuing a fair race can be said to be the beautiful dream of Asian women.

However, the trend of the wind seems to blow the beauty of the race away from the whitening circle, and forget about it, the world is blowing a black wind.

Although this trend has been blowing for several years, there is no tendency to decline.

MMs who adore individuality want to seduce everyone’s eyes with sexy chocolate skin!

  In the early summer of 2009, the beauty plan came to embrace the sea again!

Sunlight, beaches, bikinis . beautiful white beaches with no vitality are unattractive on beautiful beaches, and honey muscles are the sexiest!

Come and learn the simplest and most effective tanning tips!

  The two major skin-tanning methods on the beach are both beautiful and eye-catching, and they are “honey-colored that looks kissed by the sun”.

Nowadays, the two mainstream tanning methods-the tanning method and the tanning method, can easily help you get it.

  The imitating method avoids unnecessary absorption of sunlight. The imitating “imitating sun” as the name implies is “imitating the effect after sun exposure”. It can darken the dark without risking sunburn.People who are afraid of the sun.

The DHA component in the “tanning” product is a sugar existing in the skin of chestnuts, which can darken the color of the surface layer of the skin.

The residence time on the skin is about 3?
During the 7 days, swimming or bathing in the water is no problem.

  Recommended reasons: 1.

First-class makeup is just as convenient: People who do n’t spend a lot of time in the sun or who are afraid of the sun, apply it all over the body, and the skin will gradually become dark due to the absorption of the DHA content.


People who want to try tanning for a short time: The skin dyed by the suntan is only the most superficial layer, and the keratinocytes will transform the cell’s growth cycle and automatically metabolize, so the suntan stays on the skin 3?
It will gradually disappear after 7 days.

  Disadvantages: 1.

Need to reapply frequently: The sunbathing product will transfer the metabolism of keratinocytes and replace it, and the effect will continue to improve. If you want to have the honey content all the time, I’m afraid you can only apply it regularly.


Uneven skin tone is likely to occur when fading: When the color of the tanner is faded, uneven skin tone may appear.

Once this happens, you can overcome the problem of towels, loofah sponges, and soft scrubs to cleanse the skin and accelerate the fade of color.

  The sun-assisting method absorbs sunlight for long-lasting tanning products. To a certain extent, it can be regarded as a “low coefficient sunscreen”, which is mainly completed by adhering to the concept of “hope to tan, but not sunburn.”

Slight sunscreen ingredients can delay the time of sunburn and peeling during outdoor activities, and accelerate skin melanin activation to achieve the goal of honey-colored skin.

  Recommended reasons: 1.

Easily control the depth of skin tone: Because suntanning products require more sunlight to achieve tanning, you can control the speed of darkening by adjusting the length of sun exposure until you have a satisfactory skin tone.


Suitable for people who want to have honey-colored skin for a long time: the power of suntan products to replace the sun will blacken the skin, so after stopping, it will last longer than the suntan products.

  Disadvantages: 1.

There is a risk of burns: Sunburn products are usually recommended for use when shopping or during leisure activities. It is not recommended to sunbathe directly in the sun after rubbing, which can easily lead to sunburn and peeling.


Accelerate skin aging: Sun-tanning products are a substitute for sunburn to darken the skin, and sun-tanning is one of the culprits causing skin aging problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles, and so choosing sun-tanning products means accelerated skin aging.

  Preparing for tanning before, after, and after tanning: Preparing exfoliating and then moisturizing. Use tanning products to get the best results. Change to use after exfoliating the skin. This is because the skin’s old keratin, dandruff andDirt residues can interfere with the action of DHA, the main component of tanning, making skin tone uneven.

The application of moisturizing milk makes subsequent follow-up products easier to spread and evenly spread.

  Preliminary application: The more uniform and more natural the absorption of the suntan products, apply a large amount, quickly and evenly in a circular motion to the face and body until the lotion is completely absorbed.

What’s more, it should be used in the hairline, insets, around the ankles, elbows, etc. to reduce the amount of natural light.

Wash hands immediately after application and avoid touching clothing before the lotion is completely dry.
  Post-improvement: After regular re-coating to keep the grains coated with the suntan, wait about 2?
3 hours to achieve the effect of honey complexion.

If you want black people to be a bit deeper, you can repeat the application again.
Use it approximately every two days thereafter to maintain the desired brightness.

  Preparing to help with the sun: Before using Vitamin C to exfoliate, you must also perform exfoliation exercises, so as to speed up tanning.

It is best to use an exfoliating product containing vitamin C to make the skin smoother, and the texture and touch will be better after sun exposure.

  Medium absorption: Progressive effect is good. For people who have not used sun aids and must go outdoors, it is best to choose to include SPF2 in the beginning?
8 sunscreen, or apply a thin layer of SPF2 first?
8 sunscreen primer to prevent skin sunburn.

For general outdoor activities, it will have a light wheaten effect after about 4 hours of exposure. Do not expose it for too long in order to darken immediately, for 2 consecutive days?
The 3-hour gradual sun-assisted effect is the most natural and lasting.

If it is in the outdoor swimming pool, it is best to splash the body at any time after applying the sunscreen. The effect of wet sun is much better than dry sun, and the skin tone is more beautiful.

  Late perfection: After the sedative repair can’t be done less, you can take a 10-minute rest to let the sunscreen penetrate into the skin, and then take a shower with water that is slightly cooler for about 3 minutes.

If you have redness and tingling symptoms after sun exposure, be sure to perform sedative repairs after sun exposure, and use aloe vera gel to relieve tingling sensations.

The best job is to help the sun every other day to let the skin fully rest and the best effect.

  Beware of the five tanning areas a. The skin and hair on the back of the neck are most likely to be sunburned. The covering of the collar is not often exposed, but it becomes very fragile over time, so it is easy to sunburn when exposed to the sun.

Therefore, before assisting in the sun, it is best to absorb products with higher sun protection factor.

  c The outer side of the upper arm is the easiest to peel. The outer side of the upper arm is the most dehydrated part of the body’s skin. It will dry and peel before other parts.Make the overall tanning effect more perfect.

  b When the back is most susceptible to uneven tanning, the adjacent areas may be unevenly spread due to the improper application of the tanning products or tanning products, so it is best to ask others when wearing replica tanning products or tanning products in frontHelp out.
  d Bikini line is the most prone to unnatural skin. Bikini line is one of the most prone and dull parts of the body. It is difficult to control the tanning effect.

Hair removal should be done with nylon thread 3 days in advance, so that during hair tanning, the hair follicle damage caused by hair removal is basically repaired, and the skin tanning effect will not be affected due to skin sensitivity.

  e The elbow is the easiest to lose elbow points, alignment, feet and other small parts are the most inconspicuous, but it has a great impact on the overall tanning effect.

These areas are dry and have minimal wrinkles. Before tanning, the amount of moisturizing emulsion will be further increased to avoid uneven skin.

  Tip: The world’s most famous sunbathing beach TOP1 Clifton Beach Clifton Beach is a gem on the Atlantic coast of the southern hemisphere. Every summer, it can survive the typhoon from the southeast.

The unique sunshine of the African continent shines brightly on the bright sandy beaches, and there are lying or tanning nudes lying everywhere.

  TOP2 Pop Beach A pop beach in the south of Kauai, one of Hawaii’s four main islands, is a crescent-shaped beach with beautifully shaped sea water. It is a paradise for swimming, snorkeling and surfing lovers.

If you don’t want to move, lie in the towel spreading out to bask in the sun, you can also notice heaven.

  TOP3 Matila Beach Matila Beach is located on the island of Bona Bona, and there are plenty of activities for adventure lovers, such as feeding sharks in the deep water of the lagoon.

And the most enjoyable thing is to sit on the gentle white sand, accept the kiss of the sun, and watch the burning fireball sink into the emerald water.

Six principles of weight control

Six principles of weight control

The ideal method of weight control should be applied in three ways: exercise, diet and behavior change, and it can be applied and practiced in daily life for a long time.

The American College of Sports Medicine provides guidelines for 6-point weight control from a professional standpoint: 1.

The energy intake should not be less than 1200 calories per day for adults, and should not excessively limit the intake of energy, so as not to get enough nutrients.


The food provided should be acceptable to the dieter, so consider the social and cultural background, general habits, taste, price, food source and other factors.


The energy intake is lower than the energy consumed, that is, to achieve a negative balance of energy, the weight can be reduced by no more than 1 kg per week, and the body weight should be gradually reduced.


Coordinate with behavioral change to identify and remove bad eating habits that lead to obesity.


Military aerobics (such as brisk walking, swimming, jogging, climbing, cycling, etc.).

Daily exercise consumes more than 300 kcal (about 100 kcal per 1500 m for running or walking).


The diet and exercise program provided allows the military dieters to continue to perform throughout their lives, so that their body can maintain their ideal weight.

  According to the above suggestions, the single-mode weight loss or weight loss effect can not be compared with the combination of the three methods, and the weight control work is a problem that must be paid attention to throughout life, so a good lifestyle (like regular exercise, reasonableThe diet must be cultivated and recognized for a long time.

  If the weight loss program can include regular aerobic exercise, it has positive significance from the standpoints of education, physical fitness, physical health, quality of life and work efficiency.

Unlike dieting, weight loss makes people feel limited in life. This can’t be eaten. It can’t be drunk, tastes bad, and health and physical fitness can’t promote or improve. If psychological pressure or inability to cure, it can’t be alleviated or improved.

Dieting and losing weight can lead to a decrease in the basal metabolic rate, that is, the energy required to maintain physiological metabolism (such as breathing, heartbeat, body temperature, circulation, etc.) is reduced when it is quiet, resulting in difficulties or obstacles in weight control.

These reasons are the main reasons for actively encouraging the dieters to exercise regularly in the military.

  So sports weight loss should follow certain principles?


Have a good time, fun and sense of accomplishment during exercise: intense exercise can cause shortness of breath, difficulty or unbearable heat, so it is not easy to have a pleasant and comfortable feeling, so exercise should be moderate, to the extent that sports fashion can talk to yourself or your partner.according to.

The skill or difficulty of exercise should not be too high, so as not to cause the loser to feel frustrated.


Exercises can be implemented anytime, anywhere, and merged into life.

  Increasing physical activity opportunities and reducing static lifestyles are fundamental principles.

Watch 30 minutes of TV every day, walk for more than half an hour; sleep less than 1 hour a day, spend an extra hour with friends or go shopping, it is best to go to the ball activity center, fitness club to spend time.

Choose some sports that suit you. Stepping on the pedal bench is a good family sport. It doesn’t take up space and is convenient for home implementation.

The height of the bench is about 30 centimeters. It should be sturdy and not easy to step on. The metronome controls the speed or frequency (such as 96 beats or 120 beats per minute), and the upper and lower benches (4 shots complete a step on the bench), that isVery good aerobic exercise.

These methods are nothing special, and do not require a lot of expensive weight loss, fitness equipment, but generally can effectively control weight.

But there is a single reason, that is, we must stick to it and make it part of our daily habits, not a panacea for summer emergency.

Correcting Three Misunderstandings of Your Baby’s Winter

Correcting Three Misunderstandings of Your Baby’s Winter

Many young parents do not understand common sense in life, and there are three major misunderstandings about how young children spend their winters.

  Misunderstanding one: I like to feed sugar water for positive solution. I should give more water to boiled water. Many parents have the common problem of feeding sugar water to their babies. However, the winter weather is dry.

In winter, you should drink plenty of boiling water to ensure that you supplement the right amount of vegetables every day and colostrum and other foods that can improve immunity.

  Misunderstanding 2: Wrap up with thick clothes to get a sense of warmth. Children are constantly exercising, and excessively wrap them with thick clothes. Once sweating, the shorts will be sweaty and the children will be “suffocated”.cold.

In fact, clothes should be properly dressed, just feel warm.

Children over 1 year old can perform appropriate physical training by walking more.

  Misunderstanding 3: Close the door and window is a solution to keep the air flowing. Parents closed the door and window because they were worried about the cold.

In fact, such an environment can easily lead to a decrease in the body’s water content, which will cause the capillaries in the nostrils of young children to rupture and cause nosebleeds.

The air in the home should be kept clear, the indoor humidity should be maintained, and the child should drink plenty of water and keep too much water in his body.